2012 Armenia Silver Coin – 500 DRAM


2012 Armenia Silver Coin – 500 DRAM

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  • Obverse:
    • Armenian Coat of Arms, consisting of an eagle and a lion supporting a shield
    • Various inscriptions encircle the coin’s rim
    • Inscriptions:  “REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA” in both English and Armenian letters, the face value of “500 DRAM”, the symbol of the mint, the weight and purity of the coin, and “2021”
  • Reverse:
    • Artistic illustration of Noah’s Ark floating on the water. It approaches Mount Ararat, located in the Armenian Highland
    • A dove holding an olive branch flies in the foreground of the image
    • A scene from the story of Noah’s Ark.
    • A dove flies in the foreground holding an olive branch with Noah’s Ark floating in the background near Mount Ararat.
    • Inscriptions: “NOAH’S ARK” in English and Armenian letters
  • Coin Specifications:
    • Commemorating the 10th anniversary in the Armenian Silver Noah’s Ark Series
    • Contains .999 fine silver with a weight of 1 troy ounce
    • Manufactured by Geiger Edelmetalle
    • Uncirculated Condition
    • Face value of 500 Drams
    • Armenian legal tender

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