Deciphering Jewelry Markings

Following is an in-complete list of common precious metals & jewelry markings: Gold Markings: “14KS” – 14K Gold plated over Silver (fake gold) “14K FG” – Gold Filled (very heavy plating). This mark is usually followed by a fractional number, i.e., 1/20 10K GF “14K P” – Plated 14 carat gold. “14K.P.” – Plated 14 […]

1884-1922 Morgan and 1921-1935 Peace Silver Dollars

1878 -1904 Morgan Silver Dollars 90% Silver Thickness: 3.1 mm Diameter: 38.1 mm Weight: 26.73 grams This George T. Morgan design is awash with Western lore and legend. First struck in 1878, it was created to absorb the fabulous quantity of silver minted from the Comstock Lode. The head of Lady Liberty takes up most […]

General Information About Silver

How is silver the bane of vampires? There’s a long history of this element throughout human history. It has been with us even before someone has discovered the periodic table. Here are some interesting things about silver that we need to know. Silver atomic number is 47 and its symbol is ‘AG.’ Its color is, […]

Where to Sell Gold?

There are many places where one can convert gold bullion and jewelry into cold hard cash. Below are a few ideas: Pawn shop Jewelry Store Gold Exchange Private gold buyer Collector Friends and Family Banks (some banks do provide gold to fiat exchanges) Cash For Gold Shops Gold Dealers Online cash-for-gold websites Direct Gold Refiner […]

Peace Dollar Identification

The “Peace Dollar” was the successor of the Morgan Dollars while silver coinage was the responsibility of the United States Mint. The image of lady liberty was emblematic of the peace symbol; thus, the landed eagle on an live branch, with its wings folded, signify serenity. This design was commissioned to Anthony de Francisci, and […]

Precious Metals Investment Rules of Thumb

1. Checks and money orders are better than cash when it comes to governmental scrutiny 2. $10,000 all cash purchases must be declared as investments using the I.R.S. Form 8300. 3. Transactions over $1500, in California, is not subject to the sales tax. 4. Orders over one (1) kilogram or 32.15 troy ounces are reported […]