The future of silver price

Silver is the most common precious metal in existence, it’s the most abundant with production numbers being much higher than those of other precious metals, especially gold and platinum. You can see that this is the case even when you take a look at the price of silver and compare it to other precious metals, […]

Check DragonCoin For Latest Cash For Gold Prices Before You Sell

DragonCoin® has been around since 2007. We have served Orange County with fair gold buying rates since the beginning. Our competitors dislike us because we pay high enough to take away some of their business. Our customers love us enough to give us the hand-written reviews. If you have been in the industry as long […]

Why investing in precious metals is safer than investing in stocks

The following article was contributed by our of our members. DragonCoin™ would NOT provide investment advise. Therefore, please treat this blog as entertainment reading materials. Investments are a very tricky thing, and in a lot of ways investing is similar to gambling, you could say that the two things are basically the same, at least […]

Advantages of investing in precious metal bullion

Precious metal bullion is a term that is used in order to describe pretty much everything that is used in the world of precious metal investments, but who’s price is within the confinds of the precious metal content that they contain. There are several different ways though that you can invest in precious metals and […]

Which precious metal to invest in?

Many people who are just starting up their precious metal investments and who haven’t made any kind of specific decisions into what kind of metals they want to invest in are probably having difficulties in picking the precious metals which is most suitable to them. The answer to the question, which precious metals is the […]

What types of silver are there and which one is the best?

When buying silver jewelry it would be a good idea to know all the different types of silver that exist, and which one of them would be best to have as jewelry. Just like all the other precious metals, silver comes in a wide variety of alloys which are not all of the same quality, […]

Tips and tricks on how to quickly detect fake silver

A popular choice for small time investments in precious metals would be silver. Its price is very low, especially when compared to that of gold or platinum. Currently a troy ounce of silver will cost you around 28$, when you compare that to current prices of platinum and gold, which would be 1375$ and 1558$ […]

Silver US Quarters

Whenever you come across a jar of coins, it’s best to inspect if there’s more money in that jar than its face value. For instance, we’ve came across a Skippy Peanut Butter jar filled with goodies. Most people would bring this a local coin machine to convert to dollar bills. That would be very big […]

Libertad Cuba, Panama Vn Cvarto Balboa Silver Coins

Obverse Design: The legend along the top says “VN DECIMO DE BALBOA” with little diamond-shaped separators between the words. The “V” is actually a Roman letter “U”. This is the denomination and means “ONE TENTH OF A BALBOA”. The word “DECIMO” is derived from the same root as “decimal” or “dime”. The center of the […]