Should you use risk capital when investing in precious metals?

Every day there’s more and more people who are deciding to invest money that they’ve saved up for the possibility that they’re gonna make more money, or at least protect the money that they have in their possession against inflationary effects that currencies always endure. Those who are dealing with precious metals on a regular […]

Protect your savings – invest in precious metals

Money or currency is a mechanism that’s been created by the governments and accepted by the people as means with which it’s possible to transfer the value of goods and services into other types of goods and services, money is the middle man here, basically. This would be the main definition of money, more or […]

Are precious metals good wealth?

Disclaimer: the following article has been contributed by one of our users. Please treat all blogs on our site as entertainment with the intention of encouraging opinions and feedback from our visitors. DragonCoin™ does not and cannot provide investment advise. Past performance of an asset class is not indication of future returns on investments. Many […]

Value of precious metal fund stocks

In recent articles we were mentioning that when you’re investing in precious metal stocks, more precisely gold stocks, or when you just hear someone mentioning that a gold stock is being traded, that it’s not actually a gold stock, but rather a stock of a gold mine that’s releasing stocks in order to fund new […]

Learn history through coin collecting

Coin collecting and investing is a hobby that a lot of people partake, and if you are looking for reasons why you should also joins he’s one that’s gonna cause you to get off your couch and start collecting, even if its only those coins that aren’t very valuable. US mints its own coins, like […]

Best precious metal for a novice to invest in

Many people who are just starting up their precious metal investments and who haven’t made any kind of specific decisions into what kind of metals they want to invest in are probably having difficulties in picking the precious metals which is most suitable to them. The answer to the question, which precious metals is the […]

Wait for the right price when selling scrap precious metals

When someone decides to sell their jewelry for the most part it’s a sign that financial situation isn’t that great because you don’t sell jewelry if everything is going fine, well may if you have old and broken jewelry, scrap jewelry in which case you should be selling since there’s no point in holding this […]

Precious metal prices and abundance

There are a lot of people out there who are probably wondering how much precious metals are there based on their availability and which one of them are the most common, the most abundant. The answer to that question you can probably figure out on your own, it’s silver. Silver is the cheapest precious metals […]

Bullion investments and why they are good for you

Bullion investments are something that needs to be considered by all those who are capable of taking a part of their income and spend it on such a thing, because if you don’t invest you’re money, you’re actually losing it, that’s how the game is fixed. Many people think that just by saving money, they […]