What exactly are birthstones?

Today we are gonna talk about something a little bit less formal, we’ll move away from our usually topics which are various qualities that precious metals have, that gemstones have, which one to buy, where to buy, how to invest and all the other similar things which are usually the topic of our discussion. I’ll […]

Alternative ways of storing you precious items at home

Recently we were talking about storing precious metals at home, and how using a home safe for something like that is the best course of action. Next to using a home safe, I also mentioned the option of storing precious metals in a bank, by renting a deposit box. Of course that safe despot box […]

How to create your own jewelery

There is a saying which goes something like this, “There’s an artists in everyone”, which tells us that every one of us has our very own style and we are each capable of creating art, even if it’s beautiful to our eyes only. The same thing is true for jewelry, instead of buying jewelry that’s […]

Simple ways to tell the difference between white metal jewelry

White color is a popular choice for gold, gold that’s used in jewelry that is. The reason why that is the case probably lies in the fact that it’s the cheaper alternative, or should I say was a cheaper alternative to platinum jewelry. Platinum has a similar color, but in the past it was more […]

Quick tips on how to take of semi-precious stones

Semi-precious stones, as their name suggests, aren’t considered to be as valuable like precious gemstones, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies. This of course doesn’t decrease their beauty, it just means that on average they’re not as scarce and unfortunately it means that they do not have the same physical qualities. For one hardness of semi-precious […]