What types of silver are there and which one is the best?

When buying silver jewelry it would be a good idea to know all the different types of silver that exist, and which one of them would be best to have as jewelry. Just like all the other precious metals, silver comes in a wide variety of alloys which are not all of the same quality, […]

What is marcasite jewelry exactly and is it any good?

If you’re in need of a present for a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion but you’re short on cash, then definitely have a look into marcasite jewelry. It’s a great alternative for all those who’s pockets aren’t that deep, which would be majority of population when you consider the state in which the […]

Have fun with crystal chains

Something that not many people have heard about would be crystal chains. You’ve probably heard about various different chain types and designs that exist, braided being one of the more popular one, but have you heard about crystal chains? As the name of this jewelry suggests, crystal chains are various chains, necklaces, bracelets where instead […]

Things that can cause harm to your amber based jewelry

When it comes to cheap alternatives to expensive precious gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies, most people choose amber. We’ve already talked about amber before, we talked about it’s history and how it was formed many millions of years before, but one thing that we didn’t mention is how to take care of jewelry […]

Can gemstones which are enhanced be recognized somehow?

Pretty much all the gemstones that are in use today have been mined, they are natural gemstones, but since not all of them came out of the ground perfect, they have to be improved, or should I say enhanced, which is the term that professional gemologists use. Such gemstones that have been altered are marked […]

How to deal with jewelery allergies?

Many people who haven’t had luck with allergies and jewelry are probably wondering if there is something that they can do in order to wear jewelery. Those who are unlucky enough to have allergies to jewelery probably know what I’m talking about, depending on what kind of allergies they have exactly it can be anything […]

How green is green gold?

Gold that comes in various different colors is something that interests a lot of people, which is no surprise considering that how beautiful it can be, and also what it stands for. Gold that comes in various different colors is a symbol of our individuality and that is something that some of us would like […]

Have you noticed your 10K, 12K or 14K gold losing its shine?

When it comes to gold there exists a danger of it developing tarnish without the owner even noticing which is something that can seriously harm the appearance of your gold jewelery. Most people are brought up with the idea that gold is perfect, so to say, that there is very little to no possibility for […]

Why it’s important to wear gloves when cleaning dishes

All those who are wearing their jewelery all the time should know how dangerous doing something like that is, dangerous if you don’t take the necessary steps to protect your jewelery when it’s exposed to everyday situations that we find ourselves in. This goes especially for jewelery on our hands, rings or even bracelets can […]