Precious metal soldering, which solder to use?

Those who are interested in soldering precious metals often wonder what exactly it is that’s necessary for successful soldering of metals like gold, platinum, palladium and silver. Like with everything else there are certain things that you need to know before you actually start soldering precious metals, but the thing that’s most important, and this […]

Are you taking too much care for your jewelry?

A lot of people love jewelry and a lot of people wears jewelry, but how many of those who own and wear jewelry take proper care of it? Well the answer to this questions is very surprising, but very little people take all the necessary steps towards protecting their rings, earrings, necklaces and any other […]

How to clean diamonds properly?

Even though diamonds are considered to be very durable and resistant to pretty much everything, they still have to be taken care of, otherwise they will lose a lot of their value and allure. Those who are thinking that diamonds cannot be affected by things that we normally come into contact with on a daily […]

Platinum gemstone jewelry – does it exist?

Platinum jewelry is becoming very popular lately, despite of the face that price of this precious metals is still rather high. At one point of its history platinum was proclaimed as the gold of the kings, because it was so rare. Nowadays, with the development of advanced jewelry manufacturing techniques and also improved mining with […]

How to pick the right engagement ring?

Engagement rings are something that are always causing problems for the groom or maybe even bride to be, because it’s never an easy thing to choose what kind of ring type, design and setting the ring should have. Setting is definitely one of the most important aspects of engagement rings which is overlooked when ring […]

What to know when cleaning jewelry

Cleaning jewelry is a delicate process and you need to be very careful not to do something which might destroy it. Since a lot of jewelry these days is made out of delicate gemstones, and in some cases even delicate precious metals, people are making the mistake and use various cleaners and chemicals which might […]

Where to buy cheap fine jewelery

Deciding to invest in jewelry in problematic economic times that we are in now is not something that a lot of individuals choose to do. Problems in the economy are forcing pretty much everyone to think long and hard about how they will be spending their money, even those who were not forced to do […]

Why is some cheap jewelry more expensive than other

Those who were interested in buying cheap jewelry, like silver for example are sometimes puzzled by the fact that some pieces are cheaper than others, and they are wondering what make one piece of cheap jeweler better than others. There are several factors that are influencing the price of silver but the three which are […]

Summer dangers for your jewelery and how to deal with them

Summer is one of the most popular seasons for people to wear their jewelry. This doesn’t come as a surprise since we don’t have to wear layers of clothing, it’s much easier to make our jewelery seen by other people, which is its purpose. During cold winter months, jewelery is tucked underneath coats and people […]