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Difference in quality between white gold and platinum?

White gold is a great alternative for people who do not have a lot of money but would like to have the look and feel of platinum. Platinum is more expensive than white gold, but when it comes to jewelery made from these two, who’s jewelery is more durable and has better quality? I’m not asking about beauty, since beauty lies in the eyes of the viewer:).

Answer 1
Both white gold and platinum look the same from appearance due to their silver shining color. However, when it comes to pricing, you might notice that a platinum ring with diamonds will actually cost 300% to 600% more than a 14K white gold ring with diamonds.

There are several reasons why platinum is more expensive then white gold. One of them is the color, however, since you do not want to compare them from the appearance perspective, we will move on to another factor.

Platinum is heavier than white gold, therefore, you will not get cheap feeling when you are wearing it. It is also harder than white gold which makes it more durable. However, since it is harder, less ductile and malleable than gold, the cost that is needed to craft platinum metal will be also affected and raised the total of the jewelry.

In jewelry making, platinum jewelry is normally made of 95% of platinum. While for white gold jewelry is normally made of two types of combinations, the first one is a combination of 75% of natural gold with 25% of platinum or palladium and the second one is a combination can be 75% of natural gold with 10% of palladium, 10% of nickel and 5% of zinc. The difference in composition is also one of the factors why platinum jewelry is more expensive.

Platinum jewelry does not need regular maintenance as much as white gold jewelry needs so it can be a real great choice for wedding rings or jewelries that have to be worn all the time. As for white gold jewelry, it may need some rhodium polishing to maintain its luster and to fill up the gold lost due to scratches. Platinum jewelry normally does not lose any metal because of scratches and it does not need polishing to restore its color. White gold can be easily scratched while platinum don’t. White gold tends to change its color due to heating while platinum don’t.

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Handmade and mass produced jewelry, the difference is?

A lot of people have been wondering just what kind of differences there is between hand made jewelry and whatever the alternative to it would be, is it really machine made jewelry, there’s no human contact at all? Well the answer to this question will surprise a lot of people, but it’s actually true, in the production of jewelry that you can find in majority of jewelry stores, there’s actually very little human contact with the actual precious metals, everything is done with machines.

Mass produced jewelry some might say doesn’t have a soul, but in order to achieve the kind of precision that you see in various different kinds of gold chain designs, you need to involve chains. If it were done manually, it would be practically impossible to do it, especially on smaller chain links which are very popular with the ladies.

Machines are used for pretty much everything when it comes to mass produced jewelry. First a piece of the gold alloy made by mixing gold and various other base metals. It’s necessary to do this in order to give the chain increased hardness and durability. For these reasons base metals or in case more expensive jewelry other more harder precious metals. In either case, a gold alloy is made and once that it’s cooked up, the created piece has go through various different processes where it’s pressed down and thinned completely to a very long rod, small in diameter.

This rod is then fed to machines which are actually doing the jewelry creations. Depending on the complexity of the design, either 2 robots are needed, or just one. If it’s a simple chain style where you only have round links, 2 feeder hands are used. Once of them twirls one rod to form a circle, while the other one lead a second rod to the first one and also turns it in order to make a circle. The other robotic arms again leads in its own rod through the circle, and adds a new link. This is done until the desired lengths are reached and then everything starts from scratch.

Handmade jewelry is unique, that’s for sure, but how good it is really depends on the person’s taste, remember that old saying that the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder? Well the same is true for jewelry. Most of the handmade jewelry out there is costume jewelry, it’s not precious metals. Creating something more complex would cause a lot of problems to the people, problems because they wouldn’t know what they are doing, and also because not everyone would be able to buy the kind of equipment is needed for the actual processing of precious metals.

Homemade jewelry with precious metals would have to do the same thing that machine do by hand, and there’s a good chance that there will be discrepancies in the size of the created jewelry, on our example, on the crated chain links. Now no one can say precisely how much and if this as happened, but if it’s bad enough, other might notice that you’re necklace or bracelet links aren’t very consistent when it comes to shape and size. For this reason if you are not very careful, make sure that you are when buying homemade jewelry, who knows what it might be.

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What makes tungsten a good jewelry metal?

Tungsten is beginning to be used more and more by a lot of different people from around the world, and with good reason. One of the main things that makes tungsten attractive , would be its price. Since tungsten is’t being considered as a precious metal, and it’s demand isn’t anywhere near to those of gold, silver and palladium. Tungsten is actually a base metals, but its physical characteristics are very simpler to that of other metals from the precious metal group, so how does it actually compare and what makes tungsten such a great choice for jewelry?

Well one of the most attractive traits of tungsten to us would without a doubt be that it’s very resistant to tarnish. This is one of those traits which it shares with precious metals thankfully. It cannot be affected by any kind of external influences. Things like oxidation, rust buildup, or any kind of physical damage for that matter, physical damage that’s within the boundaries of reason at least. All those things cannot really affect tungsten because it’s very hard and it’s physical characteristics are truly exceptional. Did you know that tungsten has the highest melting point of all non-alloyed metals, and even elements after carbon of course.

Another thing that makes tungsten very attractive to people would be the fact that even though it’s not the most abundant element out there, there’s definitely more of it than all the precious metals, like gold, silver, platinum and palladium. This, next to the fact that there really aren’t any kind of increased demand for this metal means that the price of tungsten is very low, and that it will probably not go up anytime soon. Tungsten jewelry has much lower price than what the precious metal jewelry has, and if you are looking for ways of how you can save money and not spend a lot, we suggest that you look into tungsten first.

Appearance of tungsten jewelry is very similar to that of for example platinum and palladium, so if you want, you can even convince people that you are not wearing tungsten, but actually some of the more expensive precious metals. There’s of course nothing wrong with saying that you’re wearing tungsten either, it’s a magnificent metal to have in your jewelry box which is gonna last you a very long time. Try and look up tungsten based jewelery and see just how good and how cheap it can be. You won’t be disappointed, the jewelry will last you a very long time, and it will also be very beautiful and attractive, which is what tungsten jewelry practically always is. Suitable for both men and women, find something you like and go for it.

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Be careful when testing precious metal and don’t do it often

Testing precious metals can be a problematic thing, especially if you are not sure just how to do it properly. The main reason why it might be problematic is because there’s a good chance that the items which you are testing, whether they may be jewelry, precious metal bars or coins can get damaged or worse destroyed beyond recognition. For these reasons you should be very careful when testing precious metals, but one of the most important places where you need to take care that the precious metals are not damaged would be scratch testing.

For those who are not familiar with what exactly scratch testing really is, it’s one of the several ways of how you can detect fake precious metals and it’s used because it’s a very precise test. In order to test the precious metals, it has to be scratched up against a scratch stone of some sorts so that a thin mark of the precious metal surface is left behind. Acids will then be poured on the the mark that was left behind. Depending on how the acid reacts to the precious metal, the tester will know just what kind of quality of gold, silver, palladium, platinum or any of the other precious metals it is dealing with.

Key thing here would be that the precious metal item is scratched, and that’s something that we’d like to turn your attention to. One of the major disadvantages of this type of tests would be that the precious metal item will lose a bit of its weight each time its scratched, not to mention that it’s gonna be damaged as well, it’s surface will lose cohesion and it won’t be as shiny and beautiful as before since there will now be marks present along the surface.

For these two reasons, because there are gonna be loss in weight and because there will be a certain degradation in the appearance of the precious metal item, whether it be jewelry, bullion coins or bars, you need to be very careful not just how you are testing for precious metals with the help of scratch tests, but also how many times something is tested. Excessive testing could cause you to lose a lot of the weight of the item, not to mention that it’s appearance is gonna take a huge hit. Even do each scratch test takes aways only a very small amount of the items weight, given enough tests you’re gonna end up with a substantial lose of the weight, even if it’s 1 gram, you could lose 50-100$ depending on what kind of market price for gold is, if gold is what we’re talking about. Be very careful not to overdue it, and only test when you absolutely have to. Take care of your precious metals.

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Fashion jewelry markups and investing in precious metals

Title of this article says fashion jewelry, but the same thing is true for every other type of jewelry as well. Buying jewelry and thinking of it as an investment in precious metals is not a good idea at all. The markups that exist on regular jewelry, and not to mention fashion jewelry, are just incredible and if you had invested and bought jewelry of some sorts with the intent of picking up huge amounts of money off of it, you’re in for a surprise, because you will have to wait for one of the more horrific predictions for the precise of gold and other precious metals to come true.

If you had purchased a gold ring, 14K for example, paid for it 400$ and thought of it as an investment in precious metals, you’re in for a long wait before you’ll be able to have a return on that investment. On average rings are only a few grams heavy, specially if its womens ring. And since this is 14K ring, only half of it is actually gold, so let’s say that you are only dealing with 3 grams of gold in total. When you take the current price of gold, you’ve over paid your gold ring for over half of what the spot price of gold was per gram, over 70$ per gram high will the price of gold have to be if you would have expect any kind of return on your investment.

Now you could take into account that the time that the jewelry was worn into the account, as part of the cost equation, and then you might be in a better position, but without that, there’s just not profit from investing in gold content of jewelry, or any precious metal for that matter. You’d only make a profit when the price goes over 3500$ dollars per troy ounce, which will happen who knows when.

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How to buy engagement rings cheaply

Engagement rings is something that should be very special, because it’s for a very special occasion, which if you’re lucky only comes once in a lifetime. However in these troubling economic times that we’re in buying an engagement ring isn’t very easy, since there’s countless millions of people who are out of work, and who just are not in the position to spend what’s usually the rule when it comes to these types of rings, and that would be three months salaries. This rule has been discarded and not used for quite some time now, unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean that beutiful engagement rings still cannot be bought. and enjoyed in.

The first thing which you should try when it comes to buying an engagement ring cheaply are stores like OC Cash for Gold, where you can find different types of used rings, beautiful rings, for very small amounts of money. Many avoid buying these types of rings, but there’s really nothing to it. Each ring is carefully examined before we decide to sell it, to make sure that there aren’t any kind of damage present, like scratches on the rings, or damage to the diamond setting or diamonds itself which could maybe cause the diamond to pop-out of for it to break. After we do that the ring is thoroughly cleaned, buffed and polished, so that it it shines and sparkles just like a new one.

Those of you who are interested in new engagement rings, but would still like to save cash, they’re gonna have to start changing the type of the metals that their ring is made out of. Switch from gold in engagement rings isn’t something that’s uncommon these days, and pretty much everybody is doing it. One of the cheapest alternatives where you still have precious metals in your ring would be if go with argentium silver. This type of silver isn’t very famous, and not many people know about it. Usually copper is added to silver, which is causing a lot of problems with the durability of the ring, this type of sterling silver is know to tarnish.

With argentium sterling silver, germanium is used, which gives these type of sterling silver much better physical characteristics than what you might normally find on copper sterling silver. This would be the cheapest alternative when it comes to buying actual precious metal in your engagement rings. Moving on to even cheaper alternative, we now have to switch to base metals, but don’t worry, these aren’t metals like the previously mentioned copper, very small quantity of which is causing all kinds of problems to sterling silver. These metals are also very popular, and they are not that uncommon to see bought even for such special occasions like engagements.

Base metals that we’re gonna be talking about are titanium and tungsten, and they really are amazing metals. Just like precious metals they are very resisting to rusting, tarnishing, and since they are very hard, they are virtually indestructible, they cannot be scratched or bent easily, you’ll have to use diamonds to do that. They are so hard that up until recently and even these days on some rings is practically impossible to have them resized, so if you plan on buying these, make sure that the rings are not changing their size for too much.

The last option that we’re gonna suggest to you is a bit pricier, but it should save you some money as well, and that would be to look for wholesale engagement jewelry. This is jewelry is sold on very few places, but it’s possible to find it. You’re of course not gonna be buying a whole lost of rings, but some jewelers have been to known to sell jewelry at very low, prices, practically the ones that they paid for the jewelry from the manufacturers. For this reason you can save money, and use the money that you save to buy an even better ring perhaps. To find such a store, look for it online or around your area, and look for prices which are you need to pay for the rings. It’s significantly lower when they are in wholesale stores, so make sure to give it a try, if not that, then definitely one of the options that we previously mentioned, you’ll save money for sure.

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What are bold bracelets

Bold bracelets are not a one special kind of jewelry which you’re gonna use to seeing and single out as the design that’s gonna be called bold bracelet, but it’s rather the entire attitude and the position that a bracelet is gonna be having. For example if you are interested in buying a uniquely design bracelet which doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world, well then you looking into bold bracelets.

For the most part these types of bracelets are beaded which are created with a wide variety of gemstones, for the most part which are semi-precious gemstones that aren’t got much in value, at least not financially. These types bracelets are breathtaking example how someone can be happy and cheerful even without having large amounts of money, or any kind of security when it comes to finances, because like we said already, these types of bracelets which you’re gonna be buying are the work of men and women who are just interested in making a decent living, in Asian countries.

Jewelry of course is sold to us at a higher price, so that the middle men make a profit, but even with that. the entire bracelet can be found for as low as few tens of dollars, we are of course talking about bold bracelets. These are the type of bracelets, that you’ll normally find in various different designs, since like we said they do not fall under a special kind of design pattern. In theory they are made big, for the most part they are bigger than usual bracelets, so that could be one of the reasons why they are called bold.

Other far more likely option would be that they are gonna be looking very unique with a very specific gemstone design being available, like for example the mixed gemstone design for a beaded bold bracelet, where no a single gemstones is the same, or another completely different options would be where a single gemstones is the large and the alone, while all the other around are placed into a patter, same patter on the each side of the large gemstones which is at the middle. This can also be called a bold bracelet.

It’s a term that can be found on any and all different types of bracelets, and there’s nothing special which could be said that bold bracelets are. For this reason if you are interested in bold bracelets do not expect anything special from these types of bracelets, or any kind of consistency in their design, in fact the only consistency would be that there’s no consistency, so in a sense it is some kind of consistency to be expect from this type of bracelets. If you are interested in knowing more about them, make sure that you check them out in jewelry stores like OC Cash for Gold, or of course if it’s easier for you in online web shops where these types of bracelets are much easier to find. Since semi-precious gemstones are used, their prices are low and they are not gonna set you back by much, only a couple of bucks. Try and find bold bracelets, they are the best budget choice when it comes to bracelets.

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Why is gold alloyed with other metals?

Gold is definitely one of the most attractive precious metals, with its yellow color it has been captivating the hearts and minds of people since the ancient times. Countless wars have been fought in part for power, but also another very big part of the reason why warlords were invading other groups was because of gold, because of the spoils of war that were awaiting them after the victory. Those who have been thinking about gold and how it’s very attractive are probably wondering why is gold alloyed with other metals, why isn’t it distributed in its pure state?

There’s actually two reasons why that is the case, and one of them is actually very important if you’re not willing to have your jewelry damaged and destroyed by constant nicks and knacks that it suffers. The two reasons that we’re mentioned are the fact that pure gold is very soft, and it can be very easily damaged if not properly taken care of, and the second reason why gold is alloyed with other metals is so that it’s color can be changed from the usual yellow, not that there’s anything wrong with this particular color that gold has, it’s just that people want something different.

First reason why gold and other precious metals for that matter have to be alloyed is because of the fact that they will gonna be damaged otherwise. Gold is a very soft metal, so much so that if you take a gold rock and you hit it with a hammer it can be thinned in a sheet so thin that you can see through it without causing it to tear, gold is very malleable. That’s one of the reasons why precious metals are mixed with other metals, actually that’s one of the reasons why they need to be mixed with other metals.

Imagine that you are wearing jewelry, a ring for example which is made entirely out of gold, and that when you reach for a door knob, or a railing that you hit with your pure gold ring against the hard surface, which most of us does. Bottom of the ring will be dented is not worse, and these are ust some of the situations where pure gold jewelry can be easily destroyed, if it’s not properly taken care of, because if you’re wearing high purity gold, over 22K pure, then you need to make sure that there aren’t any kind of situations where such jewelry will be brought, where it can be destroyed.

Another thing that you could do in order to decrease the chances that you’re jewelry is damaged during everyday use is that you buy jewelry which is mixed in with other base metals. Mixing precious metals with other base metals, gives them increased hardness and because of that there are no dangers when it comes to wearing jewelry and even hitting and knacking with it, because it can withstand the abuse.

Color is the other less important aspect of why precious metals like gold are mixed with other metals. You’ve undoubtedly heard about white gold, well something similar is done even with regular gold, a bit of zinc will give the gold a more reddish tonnes and it immediately makes the jewelry appealing to people who like to wear something a little bit different. Same thing is true for pretty much every other color, because believe it or not, gold comes in a wide variety of different colors from which you can choose the one you like the most.

Next to the standard, yellow, white, red and pink, there’s green gold, black gold (we’re not talking about oil:)), purple, blue, grey and several others which are all achieved by adding various different base and other precious metals into the mix. For example white gold is known to mix in silver and as of late even metals from the platinum group, for example palladium white gold is a very popular choice for those who want to wear gold yet not wear the yellow color that it sports.

If you were wondering why exactly is gold mixed with other metals when sold in jewelry now you know. Same thing is not true for bullion bars and coins, because they will not be used as decorations and they need to have a decent amount of precious metal in them so that their prices are justified. Try to make sure that your jewelry is pure, but not too pure, because it could cause you troubles, same thing is true for other colored gold, make sure that it’s not too pure, and everything should be fine.

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Buying antique gold

Buying and reselling antique gold is a good way of how you can make some extra income in these dreary economic times that we’re in. To do this type of activity, there’s just two things that you need to know, the first one would be that you have to know a little bit about gold and a little bit about antiques and the second one would be that you need to know about where exactly are the different places where you can buy antique gold.

A common mistake that novice dealers of antique gold make is to assume that anything that’s yellow is gold and is therefore valuable, but that is definitely not the case, you know the saying, all that glitters is not gold. Brass is one of the most frequently mixed up alloys, mixed up with gold that is. Mixture used in brass is pretty basic one, you have the copper and zinc mixed in varying amounts, which gives the piece various different color effects. One of those effects would be that items made from brass are very similar to gold, with a yellow color to them.

Don’t mistake brass and gold, and any other alloy which is similar to gold, because it could potentially cost you a lot of money if you do. Antique gold can be found on flea markets, garage sales, and any other similar gathering where old things are sold. Best of luck in the hunt.

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Platinum alternatives for wedding jewelry

Platinum jewelry isn’t something that is very affordable and it’s not easy for people who aren’t lucky enough to have a steady income to actually buy this type of jewelry. Recently we were discussing about how platinum wedding jewelry is becoming very popular among newlyweds and how it’s a great choice to buy it, because it’s very durable and of course exceptionally beautiful jewelry can be created from platinum, but all those who are left scratching their heads after seeing the price tags of platinum jewelry will probably wonder how can they buy platinum when the prices are out of their reach?

Good news is that you can, and even better news would be that there’s actually several different ways of how you can get your hands on platinum jewelry, or something similar to it, for a lot less than what you see in fancy stores. The first advice which could potentially slash the bill of your platinum wedding bands for example would be to travel from jewelry store to jewelry store and look at the prices of platinum jewelry. This piece of advice isn’t something revolutionary and a lot of people already know about seeing everything that the market has to offer before deciding to buy somewhere, but a lot of people also underestimate the power of price mark ups that jewelry has.

Differences in the prices of platinum jewelry from one jeweler who’s well reputed and another one who’s just getting started or who isn’t able to advertise as much as the bigger guy could be vast, up to several tenths of percent, and if you’re not vigilant enough and if you do not check all the options available for you, then you’re gonna end up losing money on something for which you should not be losing money. The only reason why the other guy has bigger price is because a lot of people come to the shop and demand is good, while the little guy is somewhere in the shadows, just starting, with lower prices to attract new customers, without being able to reach out as much as customers as the big jeweler.

Another great way of how you can find cheap platinum wedding jewelry is by visiting stores like OC Cash for Gold. We are receiving a lot of customers who are bringing in all kinds of jewelry, and it’s not that uncommon to expect that someone is gonna bring us actual platinum rings. Great thing about visiting a shop like OC Cash for Gold is the fact that everything that we sell is properly tested and that it’s of course thoroughly cleaned and restored. There are of course a certain amount of risk involved with buying platinum rings this way, because you might not be so luck to come across stores like OC Cash for Gold.

If you’re willing to settle for alternatives and not go with platinum specifically, you’re gonna end up saving even more money, without necessarily sacrificing a lot of quality in the process. What we’re talking about would be platinum jewelry which has lower amounts of platinum metal inside it. Usually platinum is only sold as highly pure, with purity in excess of 90%, but if you try long enough, you can find platinum jewelry which has lower purity, for example just like gold, it’s possible to come across 14K platinum, which will drop your costs considerably, and best thing of all would be the fact that other metals used to decrease the purity aren’t affected by tarnish, they are usually other cheaper metals from the platinum group which are gonna decrease the price, without sacrificing quality.

Best option for people to save even more money would be to simply use plated platinum jewelry, which would be the maximum that you can save when it comes to platinum. Plated rings are just as beautiful, but they cost only a fraction of the cost that jewelry made from actual platinum costs, and if you’re looking to save money to the max, look into plated platinum jewelry that’s where you can save the most.

Palladium would be a complete alternative to platinum, it’s a cheaper metal from the same group of metals where platinum is located the platinum group, only it costs a lot less than what platinum costs, it’s almost half the price that platinum costs, which is a great thing if you’re looking for a way of how to save money, with keeping originality and not risking your money by buying from shady precious metal dealers.

Whatever you choose to buy, make sure that you are familiar with all the advantages and disadvantages of dealing with each one of the types of platinum alternatives that we talked about up until now. The two most important groups of platinum alternatives that you need to learn about the most of would be plated platinum jewelry and of course used platinum, bought from shady dealers, OC Cash for Gold not included of course 🙂 . With plated platinum you need to make sure that you’re careful, because it will not be as resistant to everyday abuse that jewelry goes through. Plating is usually very thing, just a few micrometers thick and you will gonna end up with ruined jewelry if you treat it as if it’s the real thing, robust as actual platinum.

Second thing that we mentioned is when you’re buying from jewelry stores that aren’t very popular and well reputed, you need to make sure that what you’re buying isn’t fake platinum, which is gonna seriously cause you to lose your money. That’s one of the advantages to using actual jewelers, which are well reputed, because then you know what you’re buying, even though it’s gonna cost you more than what you would normally give in another shop, less reputed shop, in a situation that was described before. Saving money is vital in these dire economic times that we’re in, and those who wish to enjoy in the platinum and save money, should look into one of the thing that were suggested here. You’ll save money for sure, start by buying platinum plated jewelry, and then move on up from that as it fails you.