Difference in quality between white gold and platinum?

QuestionWhite gold is a great alternative for people who do not have a lot of money but would like to have the look and feel of platinum. Platinum is more expensive than white gold, but when it comes to jewelery made from these two, who’s jewelery is more durable and has better quality? I’m not […]

Handmade and mass produced jewelry, the difference is?

A lot of people have been wondering just what kind of differences there is between hand made jewelry and whatever the alternative to it would be, is it really machine made jewelry, there’s no human contact at all? Well the answer to this question will surprise a lot of people, but it’s actually true, in […]

What makes tungsten a good jewelry metal?

Tungsten is beginning to be used more and more by a lot of different people from around the world, and with good reason. One of the main things that makes tungsten attractive , would be its price. Since tungsten is’t being considered as a precious metal, and it’s demand isn’t anywhere near to those of […]

Be careful when testing precious metal and don’t do it often

Testing precious metals can be a problematic thing, especially if you are not sure just how to do it properly. The main reason why it might be problematic is because there’s a good chance that the items which you are testing, whether they may be jewelry, precious metal bars or coins can get damaged or […]

Fashion jewelry markups and investing in precious metals

Title of this article says fashion jewelry, but the same thing is true for every other type of jewelry as well. Buying jewelry and thinking of it as an investment in precious metals is not a good idea at all. The markups that exist on regular jewelry, and not to mention fashion jewelry, are just […]

How to buy engagement rings cheaply

Engagement rings is something that should be very special, because it’s for a very special occasion, which if you’re lucky only comes once in a lifetime. However in these troubling economic times that we’re in buying an engagement ring isn’t very easy, since there’s countless millions of people who are out of work, and who […]

What are bold bracelets

Bold bracelets are not a one special kind of jewelry which you’re gonna use to seeing and single out as the design that’s gonna be called bold bracelet, but it’s rather the entire attitude and the position that a bracelet is gonna be having. For example if you are interested in buying a uniquely design […]

Why is gold alloyed with other metals?

Gold is definitely one of the most attractive precious metals, with its yellow color it has been captivating the hearts and minds of people since the ancient times. Countless wars have been fought in part for power, but also another very big part of the reason why warlords were invading other groups was because of […]

Buying antique gold

Buying and reselling antique gold is a good way of how you can make some extra income in these dreary economic times that we’re in. To do this type of activity, there’s just two things that you need to know, the first one would be that you have to know a little bit about gold […]

Platinum alternatives for wedding jewelry

Platinum jewelry isn’t something that is very affordable and it’s not easy for people who aren’t lucky enough to have a steady income to actually buy this type of jewelry. Recently we were discussing about how platinum wedding jewelry is becoming very popular among newlyweds and how it’s a great choice to buy it, because […]