Gold Content Percentage Chart

Karat Gold Percentage Gold Decimal 9 kt 37.50% 0.375 10 kt 41.67% 0.416 12 kt 50% 0.500 14 kt 58.33% 0.583 18 kt 75% 0.750 22 kt 91.67% 0.917 24 kt 99.99% 0.9999 Note: gold market prices are expressed in US Dollar Per Troy Ounce (equivalent to 1.097 ordinary ounce), not gram (0.0321507466 ozt), pennyweight […]

Precious Metals Investment Rules of Thumb

1. Checks and money orders are better than cash when it comes to governmental scrutiny 2. $10,000 all cash purchases must be declared as investments using the I.R.S. Form 8300. 3. Transactions over $1500, in California, is not subject to the sales tax. 4. Orders over one (1) kilogram or 32.15 troy ounces are reported […]

How to Spot Fake Gold

Use a strong magnet over the item. If it attracts the magnet, then it may contain iron or steel. However, the magnet does not detect tungsten which a high density metal that is as heavy as gold. Hold the gold chain or coin in your hand to do a quick assessment of its weight. Real […]