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Swift Gold Leaf Booklet

Product Features
23k + Patent Gold
XX Deep
Made in USA
Established 1887
M Swift&Sons Inc.

This is a genuine American Made product with superb quality and craftsmanship. Each booklet shall contain 25 leaves of glossy & burnished gold. Guaranteed authentic by the DragonCoin LLC.

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Fashion jewelry markups and investing in precious metals

Title of this article says fashion jewelry, but the same thing is true for every other type of jewelry as well. Buying jewelry and thinking of it as an investment in precious metals is not a good idea at all. The markups that exist on regular jewelry, and not to mention fashion jewelry, are just incredible and if you had invested and bought jewelry of some sorts with the intent of picking up huge amounts of money off of it, you’re in for a surprise, because you will have to wait for one of the more horrific predictions for the precise of gold and other precious metals to come true.

If you had purchased a gold ring, 14K for example, paid for it 400$ and thought of it as an investment in precious metals, you’re in for a long wait before you’ll be able to have a return on that investment. On average rings are only a few grams heavy, specially if its womens ring. And since this is 14K ring, only half of it is actually gold, so let’s say that you are only dealing with 3 grams of gold in total. When you take the current price of gold, you’ve over paid your gold ring for over half of what the spot price of gold was per gram, over 70$ per gram high will the price of gold have to be if you would have expect any kind of return on your investment.

Now you could take into account that the time that the jewelry was worn into the account, as part of the cost equation, and then you might be in a better position, but without that, there’s just not profit from investing in gold content of jewelry, or any precious metal for that matter. You’d only make a profit when the price goes over 3500$ dollars per troy ounce, which will happen who knows when.

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Why you should only invest 10% of your portfolio into precious metals?

One of the most frequently repeated things in the world of investors would definitely be the saying that precious metals are incredibly safe thing to invest in, and that no matter what you do you should always make sure that some of your investments are tied to precious metals. The actual rule goes, and it is a rule according to some, that you should have at least 10% of your money, or your investment portfolio tied to precious metals like gold, silver, palladium and platinum, while the rest should be invested on other commodities that are available out there.

A lot of people are confused with this number, after all, if precious metals really are such a catch and they are a good thing to invest in, why is that when someone wants you to only invest 10% of your money, instead of for example all of it? Well the answer to this question is a bit more complex, and it requires you to know about some basic relations between precious metals, and its relation to the economy, because believe it or not, everything is connected, everything has effect on everything in today’s economy, the same thing is true for precious metals.

We’re gonna be talking about gold but the same thing that we’re gonna be saying about gold is completely the same for pretty much every other precious metals, not that there are that many of them. Gold investments are a very smart thing to do, primarily because of inflation. Many people thing that investing in gold is a good thing because of profits that they are gonna make, and while that is true, as of recently investing in gold has shown to be the most effective ways of how you can preserve the value of your money.

As majority of you on the east coast probably know, investing money in things like the cars, or houses simply does not guarantee any kind of security of your money. Nature can come in every day and take it’s toll. If you had for example taken the same money which you’ve decided to invest in an additional car or in house extension, you would have ended up with owning gold, for example. Now with gold your money would be more secure than if you had become an owner of a car, but there is a such a thing as owning too much gold also, and it could affect the time it takes for you to make a return on your investment.

For example, take note of the fact that the price of gold has halved significantly a few months ago. It has gone down for over 100$ per troy ounce, and if you had tied all of your money with the investment into gold at that higher price, the one that was right before the drop, well then you would either have to leave that investment to sit there and wait for the gold price to recover, or start selling gold at the lower price and actually start selling at a lower price. Same situation is pretty much now.

Currently the price of gold, and pretty much every other precious metal is high. If you used up your entire investment money into a precious metals, and the price of it goes down right after. You can’t count of any kind of quick money off of the investment. And considering in what kind of world we’re living in, making quick money is a must. That’s why it has been suggested that you only invest with 10% of your money, and that if you are going for more, that you prepare for waiting for a return on your investment a bit longer.

Fickle prices that precious metals have, it’s the main reason why you can never rely on precious metals for s quick and stable investment, but then again isn’t the same thing true for everything else? Pretty much every stock bears a certain risk, sure you can minimize that risk, but you can never be entirely sure. Same thing is true with gold and other precious metals, only since it’s such an expensive investment, the markets are warning up to be careful, so be extra careful, and if you know what you’re doing, you don’t have to abide the 10% of the investment portfolio rule.

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Advantages of investing in Krugerrands

Krugerrands are one of the most famous coins which are being minted. The reason why they are so famous is because of the fact that there’s a lot of different sizes of it, and types, but also because they have a very low precious metal premiums. This should more than interesting to investors who are interested in investing in gold coins, but they just cannot do it at such large sizes like for example the 1 ounce gold coins, same things goes for platinum, which is another precious metal in which Krugerrands are made of.

Size of these coins goes all the way down to a quarter ounce, so in theory these coins could cost you only a fraction of the price which is normally paid for a full ounce coin. It’s true that you are still getting the same amount of the precious metal, you’re not making any kind of extra profit or anything like that, but if you do not have the kin dof money that’s needed to pay for the coins, then you should be looking into smaller size coins, because they are gonna be cheaper.

Sure a much better option would be to just invest in silver, if you cannot afford to invest in gold or platinum, but some are just interested more to invest in these more valuable gold and platinum, both of which can be found if you decide to invest in Krugerrand coins. Premiums which have to be paid on these type of precious metal are also considerably cheaper, so so make sure to give them a try and invest in whatever size and precious metal type you’re interested in the most. There’s also silver Krugerrands, if you’re interested in that more, so make sure to give every option a try.

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What kind of future does the price of silver have?

Recently we talked about how silver is a great investment to make if you are interested in owning precious metals without spending a lot of cash that investing in either platinum or gold involves, even if it’s just a little bit, silver is the precious metal for you. Due to the fact that the price of silver is small and that there just isn’t any kind of major interest in this old precious metal, the price hasn’t hasen’t got any kind of major jumps like the price of gold has. Keep in mind that the price of gold has seen rises in thousand dollar amounts, while silver only about 10$, 20$. It’s true that for the price of silver this is a lot, but such small increases has left a lot of people wondering, will the price of silver increase in the future, and how much?

The good news is that pretty much all of the analysts are predicting that the price of silver is gonna be going up in the very near future, and it’s gonna be going up because of the fact that silver at the moment is very undervalued when compared to gold. These two metals have always been together, they’re are one of the oldest precious metals that we humans have discovered, and their value has always been connect to each other. When the price of gold went up, the price of silver followed, but in the recent years price of gold has been going up much faster than what the price of silver has, which is main cause for all kind of predictions and rumors for the price of silver, all of them mainly saying that the price should be going up.

When it comes to the amount of dollars that have been predicted for the increase of the price of silver, there’s a lot of different numbers being said by people who are familiar with these types of things, but the one that’s most interesting would be 300% price increase of silver. As you can see, it’s a quite a lot of increase for the price of silver, if you were to invest in it paying current prices of silver, then you’re gonna be looking into making a quite a lot of profit, since at current prices of silver you would be paying around 35$ per troy ounce, then later on, if the price actually does increase for the predicted 300%, you’d be making 105$ off of every troy ounce of silver that you sell, neat huh?

Of course, the actual numbers are gonna be a bit more different, because we here didn’t take into account premiums, but it should be somewhere very close to these numbers, if you’re lucky the sale price is gonna be even higher, which would mean that you’re making even more money. For this reason, investing in silver is a very good idea, as you can see you stand to make quite a profit. Even if the prices doesn’t go up or it doesn’t go up the amount that we said it’s gonna go up, you’re at least gonna be protecting your wealth from being eaten up by inflation. This alone is enough for you to be making investments in silver, because with inflation, if you keep your cash in the bank or as the proverbial French peasant did, under the mattress, then you’re actually losing some of it each day, even though you’re not spending it on anything.

This is one of the main reasons why you’ll be needing to make sure that at least some of your investment is in something else, it doesn’t have to be precious metals, it could even be real estate, but be very careful with that one, since you’ve seen how things played out during the 2008 housing bubble, which has happened to the markets and caused a lot of people to lose their money once that the value of houses plummeted. Silver isn’t in this type of danger, because as a precious metal which is both valued a lot by a lot of different people it is also relatively scarce, not as much as gold or platinum, but it is to a certain extent, and if you’re gonna be interested in keeping the value of your investment, then it’s time for you to start looking into precious metals, and silver if you cannot spend a lot of money on the investment.

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What are bold bracelets

Bold bracelets are not a one special kind of jewelry which you’re gonna use to seeing and single out as the design that’s gonna be called bold bracelet, but it’s rather the entire attitude and the position that a bracelet is gonna be having. For example if you are interested in buying a uniquely design bracelet which doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world, well then you looking into bold bracelets.

For the most part these types of bracelets are beaded which are created with a wide variety of gemstones, for the most part which are semi-precious gemstones that aren’t got much in value, at least not financially. These types bracelets are breathtaking example how someone can be happy and cheerful even without having large amounts of money, or any kind of security when it comes to finances, because like we said already, these types of bracelets which you’re gonna be buying are the work of men and women who are just interested in making a decent living, in Asian countries.

Jewelry of course is sold to us at a higher price, so that the middle men make a profit, but even with that. the entire bracelet can be found for as low as few tens of dollars, we are of course talking about bold bracelets. These are the type of bracelets, that you’ll normally find in various different designs, since like we said they do not fall under a special kind of design pattern. In theory they are made big, for the most part they are bigger than usual bracelets, so that could be one of the reasons why they are called bold.

Other far more likely option would be that they are gonna be looking very unique with a very specific gemstone design being available, like for example the mixed gemstone design for a beaded bold bracelet, where no a single gemstones is the same, or another completely different options would be where a single gemstones is the large and the alone, while all the other around are placed into a patter, same patter on the each side of the large gemstones which is at the middle. This can also be called a bold bracelet.

It’s a term that can be found on any and all different types of bracelets, and there’s nothing special which could be said that bold bracelets are. For this reason if you are interested in bold bracelets do not expect anything special from these types of bracelets, or any kind of consistency in their design, in fact the only consistency would be that there’s no consistency, so in a sense it is some kind of consistency to be expect from this type of bracelets. If you are interested in knowing more about them, make sure that you check them out in jewelry stores like OC Cash for Gold, or of course if it’s easier for you in online web shops where these types of bracelets are much easier to find. Since semi-precious gemstones are used, their prices are low and they are not gonna set you back by much, only a couple of bucks. Try and find bold bracelets, they are the best budget choice when it comes to bracelets.

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Crisis in the European Union and the future of precious metals

More and more countries from the European Union is starting to have problems, and this is something that more and more people who are interested in dealing with precious metal should take note of. The reason why people should take note of that is because of the fact that a lot of people are not turning away from the usual investments in stocks or gambling on currency, and they are actually switching to investment in precious metals, most notably gold, whose price is expected to rise on the winds of the economic troubles in Europe.

Even though media has been quieter recently when it comes to Greece, Ireland and Portugal, things are not going that great over there either, and the question is how long will there be before the next big crises hits the EU. Prospect of another Greece type situation that is looming over Europe is causing investors to once again start switching their investments away from economy and into precious metals, which are offering a lot more security, they are a lot less risky.

Recently we talked about the prospect of precious metals prices decreasing on the news that the economic situation of the world is improving. Since the Greek crises has been dialed down, the investors found more confidence in the European economy and have started to invest more in stocks, businesses but chances are good that due to the latest developments in previously mentioned countries, things will have a turn for the worse once again and that’s why platinum prices are already on the rise, while that of gold has stopped its downward trend and is not flatlining.

Maybe there’s a chance that crisis in Spain will not be as bad as that in Greece, since the situation is different, economy is stronger, just a few years ago Spain had budget surpluses, but in case that EU will be forced to bail out Spain, or do something similar to it, like it was done with Greece, and if after Spain Portugal starts suffering from the same symptoms, well then that could mean a rise in the prices of precious metals, all of them. For now the things are not bad enough to be causing more significant changes in prices, and our previous predictions of gold hitting the 1000$ low might still come true, but all this depends on how things play out in the EU. Bailing out of countries like Spain and Portugal would be a big strain on economies that are currently on the road to recovery like Germany and France which are responsible in part for the recent reports that the global economy is showing signs of slight recovery.

If those countries were hit with another burden, which will be considerably bigger than that of Greek bailout, then their economies will also experience a turn for the worse, they will show negative figures and once again precious metals will be the safe haven for investors. That means another price hike up. The only question which remains is when will the situation escalate for this to occur, maybe this will be the thing to cause gold to cross over the 2000$ per troy ounce mark, but that is predicted to happen at the end of the year, will by then gold go down? In any case if you are a precious metal investor, don’t make any major decisions for now, and see how things play out.

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Why funding precious metal deposit search is important for investors

Each day we are facing with less and less precious metal which are available for extraction from the Earths crust. For this reason looking for precious metal deposits is of the utmost importance because in case of a situation where no new discoveries are being made of the precious metal bullion, well then the situation is gonna be horrific, horrific for the price of precious metals that is, and if you are an invest, this is something you should take note of, because it’s very important to do so.

The impact of the explorations going bad or not happening at all can be noticed on two different levels. For example when a mining company invests money into exploration of new precious metals deposits and fails to find them, well then there will be an increase of the price of gold, but the stock price of the mining company will not experience the change in the price of gold, in fact it could be that the price of stocks will have a nose dive because they’ve squandered their investments and got nothing.

When the price of gold is low and is decreasing, well then the profits of the mining companies are not that great and they are not in the position of spend some of their profits for exploration, they have to cover costs of current production and everything that’s related to it. As an investor you can use the news about cuts in exploration as a sign that the price of gold will be on the rise, but also as a sign that the current price of gold, the price that has been leading up to the decline in the amount of funds being used in search for new deposits, that that price is low and it’s a good time to be buying gold.

When you look at the mechanisms which are behind these kinds of precious metal price fluctuations you’ll see how tightly everything is connected and how as an investor you have to monitor a lot of different gears, wheel and what not in order to stay afloat and make a profit. Low price of gold can be caused by a lot of different things, sometimes even good things, for example, thriving economy can cause a decline in the price of gold.

Considering how costs of the production are only getting higher when you take into account that it’s necessary to dig deeper in the ground for precious metals and larger amounts of ore have to be processed, it’s not that far fetched for cuts in exploration to become a reality, because mines will probably wanna stick to what little profits that they have. Once the news about this predicament that the mines have reaches markets, there will be an increase in the prices and once again the mining companies will be in the plus, given enough time, and new exploration can start once again.

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Should you use risk capital when investing in precious metals?

Every day there’s more and more people who are deciding to invest money that they’ve saved up for the possibility that they’re gonna make more money, or at least protect the money that they have in their possession against inflationary effects that currencies always endure. Those who are dealing with precious metals on a regular basis are probably familiar with the fact that precious metals are a pretty safe thing to invest in, but there are certain situations where you can find yourself waiting for a decent return on the investment for quite some time, which leaves people wondering should they be using their risk capital money when investing in precious metals?

Those who are not familiar with what exactly high risk capital actually is, it’s basically money that you can afford to loose. In today’s economic situation, majority of us don’t exactly have money that we can lose, but there are some who have saved up and would like to spend some of that cash because they do not depend entirely on it, and gambling with that money on stocks, especially high risk stocks, could mean very large returns on the investments, if they manage to succeed of course. High risk stocks are known to be a gamble, they might go up or down, and every little aspect about the company behind the stocks could influence the prices of the stock, or even their existence, if the company goes south and bankrupts.

Facebook stock for example was a very risky thing to invest in. A lot of people have been warning that the stock was overpriced, and that as soon as the hype over the stock when it was released settles down, the people who invested are gonna lose their money. Now it turns out that everything what was said about the stock was true, price did go down practically immediately after the initial sale, and it’s a huge unknown when or if the it’s gonna go back up to the price that it had when it was released. That was a great example where people should have invested their risk capital, because if by some chance you haven’t, things don’t look good for you, price recovery isn’t going that well, and it doesn’t seem that it’s gonna recover any time soon.

Novice investors often wonder should risk capital be used when investing in precious metals, if they are gonna end up without making a profit or for that matter without getting back their investment, is it possible to lose it all? Well if you are investing solely in the bullion in actual metals that you can hold, then the only danger of losing your money that you can come across would be that you accidentally buy fake precious metals. Something like this doesn’t happen too often, but in some situations like for example when someone buys bullion from shady dealers just to save money, seeing how they usually have very low prices.

There really aren’t any other situations where precious metals like gold could lose their value completely and you to lose your investments. The only other major turn off that gold has for investors, at least those investors that are only interested in making a quick profit would be that they are gonna have to wait for returns on investment in precious metals a bit longer than with stocks. Prices of gold for example have been known to have down periods, and if you invested prior to it, prior to the price decrease, you’re gonna have to wait it out for the price to come back up if you’re interested in making a profit from your investments.

This situation, where the price drops is the only situation that could be causing problems to you as an investor. Precious metals are a scarce commodity, they are not gonna be abundant any time soon, not unless the plans of the alchemists or turning base metals into gold come to a realization, which has slim chances of actually happening. What you should be expecting is that the return on the investment takes a bit longer, if you invested during times when the price was high and after which it went down. So out of fear of losing your money, you don’t have to use risk capital for investing in precious metals, because you won’t lose your money, as long as you follow what we said about buying precious metals from reputed sellers.

If you start gambling and buying bullion bars and coins in places that are not very well known, just because they have lower prices there, well then chances for something going wrong increase dramatically. What you should be doing in buying only from reputed sellers, like OC Cash for Gold. Leave any risk capital, money that’s not vital for your existence, leave that for when you hear a good tip on a stock and invest it there. It’s possible that you make more money than you would investing in precious metals, so it’s worth the gamble.

Precious metals are a rock solid investment, when compared to everything else at least. Note that the precious metals are being placed by people in their retirement funds, which just shows you how secure of an investments they are, so you don’t necessarily have to use risk capital for precious metals, since there’s not much risk involved about investing in them. We are of course talking about investing in tangible precious metals the ones that you can hold in your hand. Other types of precious metal investments that exist out there like for example investing in precious metal stocks is a whole different story and there you should use caution like you do with any other stock, since precious metal stocks being traded on the stock markets can sometimes be stocks of mines, and if they run out of precious metals, if they cannot find new deposits, the stocks will lose value and you might lose money. There you should use risk capital, but in all other situations, you can invest in precious metal with any capital that you might have.

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Protect your savings – invest in precious metals

Money or currency is a mechanism that’s been created by the governments and accepted by the people as means with which it’s possible to transfer the value of goods and services into other types of goods and services, money is the middle man here, basically. This would be the main definition of money, more or less, and in theory this type of system works fine, you create one type of goods or services, you get paid for these goods and service with money, which you then use to purchase different types of goods and services, different from the ones you produce. If someone is producing apples, if they want pears, they’re gonna have to sell apples to get pears, or maybe not if both parties would be willing to participate in direct exchange.

I said in theory this type of system is good, because in reality there are a lot of ways of how things can go wrongs very bad, very bad when it comes to the fact that the government is in the control of printing the money, well more precisely central banks. Before the seventies, money was being backed by gold, which meant that at any given moment, you could have walked up into a bank and asked for your money to be exchanged for gold. Even though you could do the same thing now, in some banks at least, you are not exchanging money for gold, you’re buying it, and if you look at the prices of gold before the seventies when money was still being backed by gold, you’ll notice that the value of gold has gone up, it’s gone up quite a lot actually.

One of the reason why the value of gold has changed so dramatically would be because of the fact that money is no longer backed by gold, which is what changed during the president Nixon’s stay in the White House. Now money is backed by the total amount of goods and services which are being produced in a country. New money is being created basically when someone needs it, they then decide to take out a loan in the bank, and then the money will be created to suite that persons needs for it, because it’s thought that the person is gonna create new goods and services into the economy, or at the very least spend the money and bring profit to other shop and factory owners by buying their products.

In times of crisis and even generally when the economy is good, newly created money doesn’t have any kind of value backing it, because as you know the total number of goods and services not only that it is not increasing, but it’s actually going down. Factories are closing their door, and the service industry is also going under, because people don’t have money to spend like they did before on the count of them not having any jobs. So in essence not only that the total number of goods and service didn’t go up, it actually remained the same, and all that newly created money has no reason why it should exist.

During our last crisis, when the banks and the insurance companies went under, the situation was even worse, it was made worse by the fact that government bailed out the fallen institutions, and it bailed them out, you’ve guessed it, by printing more money which had no coverage. What happened at times like these is that the overall value of existing currency tanked, became there’s a lot more new dollar which are being created, whose value will have to be covered by the existing value of goods and service within the economy. Money will then be worth less, since there’s more of it covering the same or even decreasing values of goods and services. What this means is that the shop owners and those who are producing goods, they they will be forced to increase the prices to cover the dwindling value of the dollar.

Gold is a great choice in situations like these because gold will not be losing its value, the value of gold will change with the, because it has a very high demand as a commodity and also because its scarce. The same thing that applies for merchandise in the convenience store goes for gold, gold dealers will be increasing the prices to protect the value of gold against inflation, so if you own gold, the value of it is gonna change not only because of the laws of supply and demand, the relations between the produced amounts of gold and the amounts which are consumed, but also because of the inflation. This makes gold and all the other precious metals a very wise thing to invest in.

If you are only keeping money in your bank account or in your “stocking” at home, you are actually losing money, because over time, prices of everything are gonna be increasing and you are gonna end up being able to buy less with the money that’s in your possession, less than what you would be able to buy normally if the prices stayed the same, if there were no inflation.

For the same reasons, it’s very important that when you do decide to liquidate your precious metals, when you decide to sell them, you need to make sure that you do that at the right time, do not sell them and then wait for a long time to spend the money. If you wait for too long, a couple of years, inflation is gonna do its bidding and you are not gonna be able to buy the same amounts of the goods and services that you would normally been able to buy. Whatever it is that you decide to do, make sure that you have at least some of your assets entangled into some kind of precious metal, and by entangled we are referring to having it invested in gold, silver, palladium or platinum, because these metals are gonna hold their value through all the economic problems that we have or may face in the future.