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How to buy engagement rings cheaply

Engagement rings is something that should be very special, because it’s for a very special occasion, which if you’re lucky only comes once in a lifetime. However in these troubling economic times that we’re in buying an engagement ring isn’t very easy, since there’s countless millions of people who are out of work, and who just are not in the position to spend what’s usually the rule when it comes to these types of rings, and that would be three months salaries. This rule has been discarded and not used for quite some time now, unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean that beutiful engagement rings still cannot be bought. and enjoyed in.

The first thing which you should try when it comes to buying an engagement ring cheaply are stores like OC Cash for Gold, where you can find different types of used rings, beautiful rings, for very small amounts of money. Many avoid buying these types of rings, but there’s really nothing to it. Each ring is carefully examined before we decide to sell it, to make sure that there aren’t any kind of damage present, like scratches on the rings, or damage to the diamond setting or diamonds itself which could maybe cause the diamond to pop-out of for it to break. After we do that the ring is thoroughly cleaned, buffed and polished, so that it it shines and sparkles just like a new one.

Those of you who are interested in new engagement rings, but would still like to save cash, they’re gonna have to start changing the type of the metals that their ring is made out of. Switch from gold in engagement rings isn’t something that’s uncommon these days, and pretty much everybody is doing it. One of the cheapest alternatives where you still have precious metals in your ring would be if go with argentium silver. This type of silver isn’t very famous, and not many people know about it. Usually copper is added to silver, which is causing a lot of problems with the durability of the ring, this type of sterling silver is know to tarnish.

With argentium sterling silver, germanium is used, which gives these type of sterling silver much better physical characteristics than what you might normally find on copper sterling silver. This would be the cheapest alternative when it comes to buying actual precious metal in your engagement rings. Moving on to even cheaper alternative, we now have to switch to base metals, but don’t worry, these aren’t metals like the previously mentioned copper, very small quantity of which is causing all kinds of problems to sterling silver. These metals are also very popular, and they are not that uncommon to see bought even for such special occasions like engagements.

Base metals that we’re gonna be talking about are titanium and tungsten, and they really are amazing metals. Just like precious metals they are very resisting to rusting, tarnishing, and since they are very hard, they are virtually indestructible, they cannot be scratched or bent easily, you’ll have to use diamonds to do that. They are so hard that up until recently and even these days on some rings is practically impossible to have them resized, so if you plan on buying these, make sure that the rings are not changing their size for too much.

The last option that we’re gonna suggest to you is a bit pricier, but it should save you some money as well, and that would be to look for wholesale engagement jewelry. This is jewelry is sold on very few places, but it’s possible to find it. You’re of course not gonna be buying a whole lost of rings, but some jewelers have been to known to sell jewelry at very low, prices, practically the ones that they paid for the jewelry from the manufacturers. For this reason you can save money, and use the money that you save to buy an even better ring perhaps. To find such a store, look for it online or around your area, and look for prices which are you need to pay for the rings. It’s significantly lower when they are in wholesale stores, so make sure to give it a try, if not that, then definitely one of the options that we previously mentioned, you’ll save money for sure.

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Can diamonds be destroyed?

One of the things that people interests the most when it comes to diamonds, next to of course their size and clarity, would be the other more interesting fact about diamonds, and that is that diamonds are the hardest substance known to us humans. This is something that probably every person on the plant is familiar with, because it has been repeated so many times by so many people. Because of this fun fact about diamonds, a lot of people wondered what exactly would happen if someone takes a hammer, for example, and hits a diamonds with it. In other words can diamond be destroyed?

The answer to the above scenario where a person takes a hammer and hits a diamonds with it, if you wondered would that cause the diamond to be destroyed, the answer would be yes it would, it would shatter into a million pieces, not literally into million pieces of course, but it would shatter. Now you must be puzzled, how can a diamond shatter if it’s the hardest substance that we know of, reaching the maximum 10 points on the famous Mohs scale of hardness. The reason why diamond is gonna shatter is because there are various different types of hardness, and when it’s said that diamond is the hardest, it’s meant that it cannot be scratched by any other element, object that we throw at it, if it’s a pure diamond of course.

What diamond does not have is structural strength, the kind that iron has so that when you hit it with a hammer it just bounces it back. Diamonds are better than iron because the can be used to scratch iron, and to scratch pretty much everything else without breaking or wearing out. This is the reason why you can find diamonds used on drills, have you heard about diamond drills? When diamonds are applied on drills they become a lot more resistance to the materials that they go up against. When a drill works the drill bit isn’t being hammered, it’s just rubbed against another surface, and even though it is very destructive, the way that diamonds are applied to the drill and how it’s not being hit with force doesn’t destroy the diamond, and gives the drill bit more strength.

So to sum up, yes you can destroy a diamond, quite easily at that, so if you have a diamond do not try and see how though it is, because you’re gonna end up crushing it and losing the money that you used to pay for it. Diamonds in jewelry are for wearing around the neck, on wrists or on fingers, so try not to spend a lot of time thinking of way how to “test” its hardness and just enjoy its beauty.