Invest in silver, buy Silver American Eagle - If you are looking for a good silver coin to invest in, silver because it’s within your price range, then you should look into the Silver American Eagle, because it’s one of the most attractive silver coins out there. Beauty isn’t the only reason why investing in this precious metal would be a good idea, […]
2006 West Mint American Buffalo Proof 24K Pure Gold Coin Indian Head with Box and Certificate of Authenticity - The American Gold Proof Coinage Program is a limited production. The United States Mint separates the bullion grade coins with special editions via the method of mint-marking as well as packaging. These Gold Buffalo coins were all struck at the West Point Mint and bear the “W” mint mark, accompanied by its box and certificate […]
Simple ways to tell the difference between white metal jewelry - White color is a popular choice for gold, gold that’s used in jewelry that is. The reason why that is the case probably lies in the fact that it’s the cheaper alternative, or should I say was a cheaper alternative to platinum jewelry. Platinum has a similar color, but in the past it was more […]
Have you noticed your 10K, 12K or 14K gold losing its shine? - When it comes to gold there exists a danger of it developing tarnish without the owner even noticing which is something that can seriously harm the appearance of your gold jewelery. Most people are brought up with the idea that gold is perfect, so to say, that there is very little to no possibility for […]
Why having a precise weight scale is important when dealing with precious metals - Mass of the precious metals that you are investing in is very important, because with gold, if gold is what you are investing in, is very expensive. I’m sure that this is not something which you haven’t heard before, pretty much all of the precious metals that exist are very expensive, they are so expensive […]
Investing in precious metals: is it better to do it on your own or to use a broker? - Precious metals are one of the best ways of how you can spend your money, any excess money that you happen to come across after selling something or after inheriting money, which is something that’s a far more possible to happen. The main account of precious metals will be used for gold and pretty much […]
How to clean diamonds properly? - Even though diamonds are considered to be very durable and resistant to pretty much everything, they still have to be taken care of, otherwise they will lose a lot of their value and allure. Those who are thinking that diamonds cannot be affected by things that we normally come into contact with on a daily […]
Why you should only invest 10% of your portfolio into precious metals? - One of the most frequently repeated things in the world of investors would definitely be the saying that precious metals are incredibly safe thing to invest in, and that no matter what you do you should always make sure that some of your investments are tied to precious metals. The actual rule goes, and it […]
Be careful when testing precious metal and don’t do it often - Testing precious metals can be a problematic thing, especially if you are not sure just how to do it properly. The main reason why it might be problematic is because there’s a good chance that the items which you are testing, whether they may be jewelry, precious metal bars or coins can get damaged or […]
Is gold always a good thing to invest in? - Often times you can hear on the TV where people are talking about gold and how it is the best commodity to invest in, and if you are investing in gold that everything will be OK. The truth is that gold, even though is a pretty solid thing to invest it, also has it’s problems […]
Have fun with crystal chains - Something that not many people have heard about would be crystal chains. You’ve probably heard about various different chain types and designs that exist, braided being one of the more popular one, but have you heard about crystal chains? As the name of this jewelry suggests, crystal chains are various chains, necklaces, bracelets where instead […]
Best precious metal for a novice to invest in - Many people who are just starting up their precious metal investments and who haven’t made any kind of specific decisions into what kind of metals they want to invest in are probably having difficulties in picking the precious metals which is most suitable to them. The answer to the question, which precious metals is the […]
Precious metal soldering, which solder to use? - Those who are interested in soldering precious metals often wonder what exactly it is that’s necessary for successful soldering of metals like gold, platinum, palladium and silver. Like with everything else there are certain things that you need to know before you actually start soldering precious metals, but the thing that’s most important, and this […]
United States Mint American Arts Gold Commemoratives - Date Design Oz. Mintage   Supply 1980 Grant Wood 1 313,000   266,000 1980 Marian Anderson 1/2 280,000   238,000 1981 Mark Twain 1 116,000   106,000 1981 Willa Cather 1/2 97,000   89,000 1982 Louis Armstrong 1 409,000   68,000 1982 Frank Lloyd Wright 1/2 348,000   57,5000 1983 Robert Frost 1 391,000   […]
Silver to gold price ratio, is it of any help at all? - An important instrument that investors use in determining the value of silver is the silver to gold price ratio. With the help of this they can see which one of the two is under valued and which one is over valued. It is believed that throughout the recent history ratio between these two metals was […]
How to Ascertain that a 50-Gram Credit Suisse Gold Bar is Genuine? - Visually inspect the Credit Suisse gold bar to spot any imperfection in coloration and lettering. Weight the bar to ensure that it is 50 grams, exactly. A fake bar that we have encountered has weighted 32.4 Measure the length, width, and thickness. The numbers should be 47mm, 27mm, and 1.9mm respectively. If it’s a Valcambi […]
Comparing Gold to Copper Penny (Zinc) - The weights of a USA penny and a 2.5 grams Pamp Suisse gold bar are identical. However, the Pamp Suisse gold bar is half the thickness of a penny. Their surface areas are similar. Notice the deep red color of the 1 cent in contrast with the rich yellow color of the 99.99% (24K) pure […]
Where to Sell Gold? - There are many places where one can convert gold bullion and jewelry into cold hard cash. Below are a few ideas: Pawn shop Jewelry Store Gold Exchange Private gold buyer Collector Friends and Family Banks (some banks do provide gold to fiat exchanges) Cash For Gold Shops Gold Dealers Online cash-for-gold websites Direct Gold Refiner […]
What Are Gold Filled Items - Gold-filled jewelry, also known as “rolled gold” or “rolled gold plate” is composed of a solid layer of gold bonded with heat and pressure to a base metal such as brass. Some high quality gold-filled pieces have the same appearance as 14 karat (58%) gold. In the USA the quality of gold filled is defined […]
What are bold bracelets - Bold bracelets are not a one special kind of jewelry which you’re gonna use to seeing and single out as the design that’s gonna be called bold bracelet, but it’s rather the entire attitude and the position that a bracelet is gonna be having. For example if you are interested in buying a uniquely design […]
Why funding precious metal deposit search is important for investors - Each day we are facing with less and less precious metal which are available for extraction from the Earths crust. For this reason looking for precious metal deposits is of the utmost importance because in case of a situation where no new discoveries are being made of the precious metal bullion, well then the situation […]
How to pick the right engagement ring? - Engagement rings are something that are always causing problems for the groom or maybe even bride to be, because it’s never an easy thing to choose what kind of ring type, design and setting the ring should have. Setting is definitely one of the most important aspects of engagement rings which is overlooked when ring […]
What exactly are birthstones? - Today we are gonna talk about something a little bit less formal, we’ll move away from our usually topics which are various qualities that precious metals have, that gemstones have, which one to buy, where to buy, how to invest and all the other similar things which are usually the topic of our discussion. I’ll […]
SUISSE GOLD BAR 500g 16.075 oz PURE 999.9 ARGOR HERAEUS - Dimensions: WEIGHT 500 gLENGTH (mm) 91.0WIDTH (mm) 41.0THICKNESS (mm) 7.6
Precious Metals Investment Rules of Thumb - 1. Checks and money orders are better than cash when it comes to governmental scrutiny 2. $10,000 all cash purchases must be declared as investments using the I.R.S. Form 8300. 3. Transactions over $1500, in California, is not subject to the sales tax. 4. Orders over one (1) kilogram or 32.15 troy ounces are reported […]
Swift Gold Leaf Booklet - Product Features23k + Patent GoldXX DeepMade in USAEstablished 1887M Swift&Sons Inc. This is a genuine American Made product with superb quality and craftsmanship. Each booklet shall contain 25 leaves of glossy & burnished gold. Guaranteed authentic by the DragonCoin LLC.
2004 $25 American Eagle Saint Gaudens Half 1/2 Troy Ounce Bullion Gold Coin PCGS MS69 - Impressive condition, 2004 $25 Saint Gaudens Golden Eagle graded by the numismatic authority PCSG as MS69. Prior generations of Golden American Eagles are called Double Eagles, although the eagle theme is consistent through new and old series of the $25 US Minted Gold Coins. These specimens appeal to both investors and collectors alike. They are […]
Quick tips on how to take of semi-precious stones - Semi-precious stones, as their name suggests, aren’t considered to be as valuable like precious gemstones, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies. This of course doesn’t decrease their beauty, it just means that on average they’re not as scarce and unfortunately it means that they do not have the same physical qualities. For one hardness of semi-precious […]
Tips and tricks on how to quickly detect fake silver - A popular choice for small time investments in precious metals would be silver. Its price is very low, especially when compared to that of gold or platinum. Currently a troy ounce of silver will cost you around 28$, when you compare that to current prices of platinum and gold, which would be 1375$ and 1558$ […]
Precious metal prices and abundance - There are a lot of people out there who are probably wondering how much precious metals are there based on their availability and which one of them are the most common, the most abundant. The answer to that question you can probably figure out on your own, it’s silver. Silver is the cheapest precious metals […]
Can diamonds be destroyed? - One of the things that people interests the most when it comes to diamonds, next to of course their size and clarity, would be the other more interesting fact about diamonds, and that is that diamonds are the hardest substance known to us humans. This is something that probably every person on the plant is […]
$5 American Bald Half Eagle Gold Coin 2005 2006 Bullion Numismatics MS 69 - Item specificsComposition: Gold Grade: MS 69Year: 2005 – 2006 Circulated/Uncirculated: UncirculatedCertification: PCGSDetailed item infoPropertiesGeo United StatesSub Geo Not AvailableCoinage Type Commemorative CoinageDenomination $5, Half EagleYear 2008Composition GoldCatalog Number KM# 440 Subject American Bald EagleMint Name U.S. MintMint Location West PointObverse Description Two eagles on branchReverse Description Eagle with shieldDiameter (mm.) 21.6Fineness 0.9Weight (g.) 8.359Actual Weight […]
How to buy engagement rings cheaply - Engagement rings is something that should be very special, because it’s for a very special occasion, which if you’re lucky only comes once in a lifetime. However in these troubling economic times that we’re in buying an engagement ring isn’t very easy, since there’s countless millions of people who are out of work, and who […]
Libertad Cuba, Panama Vn Cvarto Balboa Silver Coins - Obverse Design: The legend along the top says “VN DECIMO DE BALBOA” with little diamond-shaped separators between the words. The “V” is actually a Roman letter “U”. This is the denomination and means “ONE TENTH OF A BALBOA”. The word “DECIMO” is derived from the same root as “decimal” or “dime”. The center of the […]
Buying antique gold - Buying and reselling antique gold is a good way of how you can make some extra income in these dreary economic times that we’re in. To do this type of activity, there’s just two things that you need to know, the first one would be that you have to know a little bit about gold […]
Value of precious metal fund stocks - In recent articles we were mentioning that when you’re investing in precious metal stocks, more precisely gold stocks, or when you just hear someone mentioning that a gold stock is being traded, that it’s not actually a gold stock, but rather a stock of a gold mine that’s releasing stocks in order to fund new […]
Platinum gemstone jewelry – does it exist? - Platinum jewelry is becoming very popular lately, despite of the face that price of this precious metals is still rather high. At one point of its history platinum was proclaimed as the gold of the kings, because it was so rare. Nowadays, with the development of advanced jewelry manufacturing techniques and also improved mining with […]
What makes tungsten a good jewelry metal? - Tungsten is beginning to be used more and more by a lot of different people from around the world, and with good reason. One of the main things that makes tungsten attractive , would be its price. Since tungsten is’t being considered as a precious metal, and it’s demand isn’t anywhere near to those of […]
How to deal with jewelery allergies? - Many people who haven’t had luck with allergies and jewelry are probably wondering if there is something that they can do in order to wear jewelery. Those who are unlucky enough to have allergies to jewelery probably know what I’m talking about, depending on what kind of allergies they have exactly it can be anything […]
Handmade and mass produced jewelry, the difference is? - A lot of people have been wondering just what kind of differences there is between hand made jewelry and whatever the alternative to it would be, is it really machine made jewelry, there’s no human contact at all? Well the answer to this question will surprise a lot of people, but it’s actually true, in […]
Should you use risk capital when investing in precious metals? - Every day there’s more and more people who are deciding to invest money that they’ve saved up for the possibility that they’re gonna make more money, or at least protect the money that they have in their possession against inflationary effects that currencies always endure. Those who are dealing with precious metals on a regular […]
Salvador Dali State Art Medal 12 Tribes of Israel Series - This is a set of 75% pure gold medallions manufactured by Salvador Dali. These coins are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity with these words: We hereby certify that El Salvador Dali Medals are the first oval-shaped medals of the State of Israel. Each carries a color lithograph of one of the Twelve Tribes of […]
Why investing in precious metals is safer than investing in stocks - The following article was contributed by our of our members. DragonCoin™ would NOT provide investment advise. Therefore, please treat this blog as entertainment reading materials. Investments are a very tricky thing, and in a lot of ways investing is similar to gambling, you could say that the two things are basically the same, at least […]
Popular gold coins and differences between them - When investing in gold coins, a lot of people who are new to this type of investments in precious metals aren’t even aware what kind of coins are there, which ones are the most popular. Knowing this might save you some grief because even though these coins are counterfeited the most, it’s also a lot […]
How to create your own jewelery - There is a saying which goes something like this, “There’s an artists in everyone”, which tells us that every one of us has our very own style and we are each capable of creating art, even if it’s beautiful to our eyes only. The same thing is true for jewelry, instead of buying jewelry that’s […]
Platinum and gold price, what’s the connection between the two? - Platinum is certainly one of the most interesting precious metals. Did you know that platinum wasn’t at first thought to be that much valuable at all, because it was very similar to silver but also because there were no industry where platinum could be used at. Today platinum is mainly used by the auto industry […]
Are you taking too much care for your jewelry? - A lot of people love jewelry and a lot of people wears jewelry, but how many of those who own and wear jewelry take proper care of it? Well the answer to this questions is very surprising, but very little people take all the necessary steps towards protecting their rings, earrings, necklaces and any other […]
What is the gold coin premium? - QuestionI found out today that there is some sort of premium attached to coins, it’s what makes the price of coins higher, so I guess it is a fee of some sort? Could anyone explain a bit more what this premium is exactly and why do we have to pay it? Answer 1Premium on products […]
Why is gold alloyed with other metals? - Gold is definitely one of the most attractive precious metals, with its yellow color it has been captivating the hearts and minds of people since the ancient times. Countless wars have been fought in part for power, but also another very big part of the reason why warlords were invading other groups was because of […]
Fashion jewelry markups and investing in precious metals - Title of this article says fashion jewelry, but the same thing is true for every other type of jewelry as well. Buying jewelry and thinking of it as an investment in precious metals is not a good idea at all. The markups that exist on regular jewelry, and not to mention fashion jewelry, are just […]
Platinum as wedding jewelry - Platinum is one of the most attractive precious metals, next to gold of course. For this reason, prices of both platinum and gold are practically off the charts, especially if you compare them to other precious metals. Picking the right kind of wedding jewelry is very important, because you need to make sure that it […]
How to Spot Fake Gold - Use a strong magnet over the item. If it attracts the magnet, then it may contain iron or steel. However, the magnet does not detect tungsten which a high density metal that is as heavy as gold. Hold the gold chain or coin in your hand to do a quick assessment of its weight. Real […]
Why it’s important to wear gloves when cleaning dishes - All those who are wearing their jewelery all the time should know how dangerous doing something like that is, dangerous if you don’t take the necessary steps to protect your jewelery when it’s exposed to everyday situations that we find ourselves in. This goes especially for jewelery on our hands, rings or even bracelets can […]
Alternative ways of storing you precious items at home - Recently we were talking about storing precious metals at home, and how using a home safe for something like that is the best course of action. Next to using a home safe, I also mentioned the option of storing precious metals in a bank, by renting a deposit box. Of course that safe despot box […]
Which precious metal to invest in? - Many people who are just starting up their precious metal investments and who haven’t made any kind of specific decisions into what kind of metals they want to invest in are probably having difficulties in picking the precious metals which is most suitable to them. The answer to the question, which precious metals is the […]
General Information About Gold Bullion - Conversion Factors: 1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 grams 1 pound = 14.5833333 troy oz 1 lượng (Tael) = 37.5 grams 1 pennyweight = 1.55517384 grams 1 ounce = 0.911458333 troy ounce 1 ounce = 28.3495231 grams 1 Troy ounce= 0.829426048 lượng ( làm tròn 8.3 chỉ) 1 lượng (tael) = 1.205652996 Troy Ounce (37.5 grams) […]
Why is some cheap jewelry more expensive than other - Those who were interested in buying cheap jewelry, like silver for example are sometimes puzzled by the fact that some pieces are cheaper than others, and they are wondering what make one piece of cheap jeweler better than others. There are several factors that are influencing the price of silver but the three which are […]
2004 $50 American Eagle Saint Gaudens 1 Troy Ounce Bullion Gold Coin IGC MS70 - Impressive condition, 2004 $50 Saint Gaudens Golden Eagle graded as perfection, MS70 by the respected ICG numismatic authority. Prior generations of Golden American Eagles are called Double Eagles, although the eagle theme is consistent through new and old series of the $50 US Minted Gold Coins. These specimens appeal to both investors and collectors alike. […]
How to calculate gold content in pennyweight - There exists a lot of different units for measuring weight, pounds, ounces, kilos, grams and so on. In other words we have various systems for measuring, metric and imperial being the two which are most used. When it comes to precious metals the situation is even more complicated because there exists even more division, you […]
Learn and arm yourself with knowledge before investing in precious metals - A lot of the times people who do not have a lot of experience with precious metals come to the idea of investing in them, usually when they get their hands on some extra cash, inheritance for example or when they get a raise at work. Investing in precious metals is a great way of […]
The Second Most Common Gold Bullion: Krugerrand 1 oz Gold Coin - Measurements:   Weight: 33.40 Grams   Purity: 91.67% Pure Gold (22K)   Diameter: 32.6 mm   Thickness: 2.74 mm The Krugerrand was introduced in 1967, as a vehicle for private ownership of gold. It was actually intended to circulate as currency. Therefore it was minted in a more durable gold alloy, unlike most other bullion […]
What is marcasite jewelry exactly and is it any good? - If you’re in need of a present for a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion but you’re short on cash, then definitely have a look into marcasite jewelry. It’s a great alternative for all those who’s pockets aren’t that deep, which would be majority of population when you consider the state in which the […]
Quick Car Buying Guide - As second hand dealers, we have dealt with all sorts of used items from jewelries to automobiles. Therefore, we would like to share with our readers some of our experience in the realm of buying used cars following are a few of our notes: All parts should have the original manufacturer’s logo (bumper, windshield, hood, […]
What kind of future does the price of silver have? - Recently we talked about how silver is a great investment to make if you are interested in owning precious metals without spending a lot of cash that investing in either platinum or gold involves, even if it’s just a little bit, silver is the precious metal for you. Due to the fact that the price […]
Silver US Quarters - Whenever you come across a jar of coins, it’s best to inspect if there’s more money in that jar than its face value. For instance, we’ve came across a Skippy Peanut Butter jar filled with goodies. Most people would bring this a local coin machine to convert to dollar bills. That would be very big […]
Wait for the right price when selling scrap precious metals - When someone decides to sell their jewelry for the most part it’s a sign that financial situation isn’t that great because you don’t sell jewelry if everything is going fine, well may if you have old and broken jewelry, scrap jewelry in which case you should be selling since there’s no point in holding this […]
Monex 10 Troy Oz Gold Bar - Dimensions: Length: 93.10 mmWidth: 42.05 mmDepth: 4.3 mmWeight: 311 grams
Deciphering Jewelry Markings - Following is an in-complete list of common precious metals & jewelry markings: Gold Markings: “14KS” – 14K Gold plated over Silver (fake gold) “14K FG” – Gold Filled (very heavy plating). This mark is usually followed by a fractional number, i.e., 1/20 10K GF “14K P” – Plated 14 carat gold. “14K.P.” – Plated 14 […]
1985 Republic of Singapore Gold Coin - Denomination 50 SingoldGross Weight 15.5 gramsDiameter 27 mmThickness 1.9 mmGold Content 1/2 oz .9999 Fine Au
Things that can cause harm to your amber based jewelry - When it comes to cheap alternatives to expensive precious gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies, most people choose amber. We’ve already talked about amber before, we talked about it’s history and how it was formed many millions of years before, but one thing that we didn’t mention is how to take care of jewelry […]
The future of silver price - Silver is the most common precious metal in existence, it’s the most abundant with production numbers being much higher than those of other precious metals, especially gold and platinum. You can see that this is the case even when you take a look at the price of silver and compare it to other precious metals, […]
Is there Canadian Maple Leafs made from palladium? - Next to platinum, gold and silver another metal which is gaining more and more popularity would definitely be palladium. It has a lot of similarities with platinum, which is no surprise considering that they are parts of the same precious metal group, the platinum group of metals. The difference between platinum and palladium would first […]
Difference in quality between white gold and platinum? - QuestionWhite gold is a great alternative for people who do not have a lot of money but would like to have the look and feel of platinum. Platinum is more expensive than white gold, but when it comes to jewelery made from these two, who’s jewelery is more durable and has better quality? I’m not […]
How green is green gold? - Gold that comes in various different colors is something that interests a lot of people, which is no surprise considering that how beautiful it can be, and also what it stands for. Gold that comes in various different colors is a symbol of our individuality and that is something that some of us would like […]
Advantages of investing in Krugerrands - Krugerrands are one of the most famous coins which are being minted. The reason why they are so famous is because of the fact that there’s a lot of different sizes of it, and types, but also because they have a very low precious metal premiums. This should more than interesting to investors who are […]
Buying and reselling precious metals - We all have different hobbies, one interesting hobby that can sometimes turn into something profitable would be collecting various scrap metals that you come across. I’ve actually known a few people that have gathered up impressive amounts of items from garage sales, flea markets, auctions and even from junk that people have thrown out. It’s […]
What to know and what to do in order to buy vintage jewelery successfully - Vintage jewelery does have its perks, and there are a lot of people who are interested in it. With vintage jewelery you’re not only buying jewelery, but you’re buying a piece of history which vintage jewelery always has, not matter how small a piece it might be. In a lot of situations people are not […]
Crisis in the European Union and the future of precious metals - More and more countries from the European Union is starting to have problems, and this is something that more and more people who are interested in dealing with precious metal should take note of. The reason why people should take note of that is because of the fact that a lot of people are not […]
How to Spot Fake United States Dollars - Run your index finger through the bill. Feel the raised ink in certain areas such as the “20″ or “100″. Those numbers should never be solid but rather spattered. Another feature is that they should change colors when shifted to different angles. Raise the bill up to see through the “ghost image” of the president. […]
Can gemstones which are enhanced be recognized somehow? - Pretty much all the gemstones that are in use today have been mined, they are natural gemstones, but since not all of them came out of the ground perfect, they have to be improved, or should I say enhanced, which is the term that professional gemologists use. Such gemstones that have been altered are marked […]
A few words about the platinum group of metals - One of the most famous groups of precious metals that you’ve probably heard of at some point of your adventures with precious metals would be the platinum group. The platinum group of metals is mentioned frequently by investors, because it’s definitely one of the most interesting group of metals that you can come across in […]
Peace Dollar Identification - The “Peace Dollar” was the successor of the Morgan Dollars while silver coinage was the responsibility of the United States Mint. The image of lady liberty was emblematic of the peace symbol; thus, the landed eagle on an live branch, with its wings folded, signify serenity. This design was commissioned to Anthony de Francisci, and […]
Advantages of investing in precious metal bullion - Precious metal bullion is a term that is used in order to describe pretty much everything that is used in the world of precious metal investments, but who’s price is within the confinds of the precious metal content that they contain. There are several different ways though that you can invest in precious metals and […]
Are precious metals good wealth? - Disclaimer: the following article has been contributed by one of our users. Please treat all blogs on our site as entertainment with the intention of encouraging opinions and feedback from our visitors. DragonCoin™ does not and cannot provide investment advise. Past performance of an asset class is not indication of future returns on investments. Many […]
Recycling precious metals – how to get paid the best prices possible - Not many people are aware of the fact that majority of gold that was mined from the ground is in fact still in circulation and it could very well be that gold that you are now in possession of on your hands, neck, ears or anywhere else that you might be wearing it, is in […]
What types of silver are there and which one is the best? - When buying silver jewelry it would be a good idea to know all the different types of silver that exist, and which one of them would be best to have as jewelry. Just like all the other precious metals, silver comes in a wide variety of alloys which are not all of the same quality, […]
What to know when cleaning jewelry - Cleaning jewelry is a delicate process and you need to be very careful not to do something which might destroy it. Since a lot of jewelry these days is made out of delicate gemstones, and in some cases even delicate precious metals, people are making the mistake and use various cleaners and chemicals which might […]
Check DragonCoin For Latest Cash For Gold Prices Before You Sell - DragonCoin® has been around since 2007. We have served Orange County with fair gold buying rates since the beginning. Our competitors dislike us because we pay high enough to take away some of their business. Our customers love us enough to give us the hand-written reviews. If you have been in the industry as long […]
14K Mexican 50 Pesos Copy Gold Coin - There’s been stipulation about this type of copy coin being in circulation. OC GOLD® has been offered a sample today, and we have refused to accept it due to ethical consideration (plus avoiding a possibility of being ‘ripped off’). We regret not taking a photo of this sample do share with the public. Following are […]
Iranian Gold One Azadi (Pound) of 1993 – 1994 - Denomination 1 Azadi or PoundGross Weight 8.136 gramsDiameter 22 mmThickness 1.2 mmGold Content 0.2354 Fine Au
Gold Content Percentage Chart - Karat Gold Percentage Gold Decimal 9 kt 37.50% 0.375 10 kt 41.67% 0.416 12 kt 50% 0.500 14 kt 58.33% 0.583 18 kt 75% 0.750 22 kt 91.67% 0.917 24 kt 99.99% 0.9999 Note: gold market prices are expressed in US Dollar Per Troy Ounce (equivalent to 1.097 ordinary ounce), not gram (0.0321507466 ozt), pennyweight […]
Where to buy cheap fine jewelery - Deciding to invest in jewelry in problematic economic times that we are in now is not something that a lot of individuals choose to do. Problems in the economy are forcing pretty much everyone to think long and hard about how they will be spending their money, even those who were not forced to do […]
General Information About Silver - How is silver the bane of vampires? There’s a long history of this element throughout human history. It has been with us even before someone has discovered the periodic table. Here are some interesting things about silver that we need to know. Silver atomic number is 47 and its symbol is ‘AG.’ Its color is, […]
1884-1922 Morgan and 1921-1935 Peace Silver Dollars - 1878 -1904 Morgan Silver Dollars 90% Silver Thickness: 3.1 mm Diameter: 38.1 mm Weight: 26.73 grams This George T. Morgan design is awash with Western lore and legend. First struck in 1878, it was created to absorb the fabulous quantity of silver minted from the Comstock Lode. The head of Lady Liberty takes up most […]
Investing in precious metals when the price is high - High precious metal prices are definitely not one of the situations where you should be making your move and investing in them. The reason why that is the case is because of the fickle markets which could cause you to not lose money, but just wait for a long time on any kind of positive […]
Can Chinese industrial growth cause silver price increases? - China’s growth has been increasing rapidly for the past few decades and it has been going faster and faster over the last few years. Because of that fact, that development has been happening at never before seen levels the Chinese economy is demanding more and more resources in order to feed the ever increasing number […]
Protect your savings – invest in precious metals - Money or currency is a mechanism that’s been created by the governments and accepted by the people as means with which it’s possible to transfer the value of goods and services into other types of goods and services, money is the middle man here, basically. This would be the main definition of money, more or […]
Summer dangers for your jewelery and how to deal with them - Summer is one of the most popular seasons for people to wear their jewelry. This doesn’t come as a surprise since we don’t have to wear layers of clothing, it’s much easier to make our jewelery seen by other people, which is its purpose. During cold winter months, jewelery is tucked underneath coats and people […]
Bullion investments and why they are good for you - Bullion investments are something that needs to be considered by all those who are capable of taking a part of their income and spend it on such a thing, because if you don’t invest you’re money, you’re actually losing it, that’s how the game is fixed. Many people think that just by saving money, they […]
Learn history through coin collecting - Coin collecting and investing is a hobby that a lot of people partake, and if you are looking for reasons why you should also joins he’s one that’s gonna cause you to get off your couch and start collecting, even if its only those coins that aren’t very valuable. US mints its own coins, like […]
Platinum alternatives for wedding jewelry - Platinum jewelry isn’t something that is very affordable and it’s not easy for people who aren’t lucky enough to have a steady income to actually buy this type of jewelry. Recently we were discussing about how platinum wedding jewelry is becoming very popular among newlyweds and how it’s a great choice to buy it, because […]