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What makes tungsten a good jewelry metal?

Tungsten is beginning to be used more and more by a lot of different people from around the world, and with good reason. One of the main things that makes tungsten attractive , would be its price. Since tungsten is’t being considered as a precious metal, and it’s demand isn’t anywhere near to those of gold, silver and palladium. Tungsten is actually a base metals, but its physical characteristics are very simpler to that of other metals from the precious metal group, so how does it actually compare and what makes tungsten such a great choice for jewelry?

Well one of the most attractive traits of tungsten to us would without a doubt be that it’s very resistant to tarnish. This is one of those traits which it shares with precious metals thankfully. It cannot be affected by any kind of external influences. Things like oxidation, rust buildup, or any kind of physical damage for that matter, physical damage that’s within the boundaries of reason at least. All those things cannot really affect tungsten because it’s very hard and it’s physical characteristics are truly exceptional. Did you know that tungsten has the highest melting point of all non-alloyed metals, and even elements after carbon of course.

Another thing that makes tungsten very attractive to people would be the fact that even though it’s not the most abundant element out there, there’s definitely more of it than all the precious metals, like gold, silver, platinum and palladium. This, next to the fact that there really aren’t any kind of increased demand for this metal means that the price of tungsten is very low, and that it will probably not go up anytime soon. Tungsten jewelry has much lower price than what the precious metal jewelry has, and if you are looking for ways of how you can save money and not spend a lot, we suggest that you look into tungsten first.

Appearance of tungsten jewelry is very similar to that of for example platinum and palladium, so if you want, you can even convince people that you are not wearing tungsten, but actually some of the more expensive precious metals. There’s of course nothing wrong with saying that you’re wearing tungsten either, it’s a magnificent metal to have in your jewelry box which is gonna last you a very long time. Try and look up tungsten based jewelery and see just how good and how cheap it can be. You won’t be disappointed, the jewelry will last you a very long time, and it will also be very beautiful and attractive, which is what tungsten jewelry practically always is. Suitable for both men and women, find something you like and go for it.

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Be careful when testing precious metal and don’t do it often

Testing precious metals can be a problematic thing, especially if you are not sure just how to do it properly. The main reason why it might be problematic is because there’s a good chance that the items which you are testing, whether they may be jewelry, precious metal bars or coins can get damaged or worse destroyed beyond recognition. For these reasons you should be very careful when testing precious metals, but one of the most important places where you need to take care that the precious metals are not damaged would be scratch testing.

For those who are not familiar with what exactly scratch testing really is, it’s one of the several ways of how you can detect fake precious metals and it’s used because it’s a very precise test. In order to test the precious metals, it has to be scratched up against a scratch stone of some sorts so that a thin mark of the precious metal surface is left behind. Acids will then be poured on the the mark that was left behind. Depending on how the acid reacts to the precious metal, the tester will know just what kind of quality of gold, silver, palladium, platinum or any of the other precious metals it is dealing with.

Key thing here would be that the precious metal item is scratched, and that’s something that we’d like to turn your attention to. One of the major disadvantages of this type of tests would be that the precious metal item will lose a bit of its weight each time its scratched, not to mention that it’s gonna be damaged as well, it’s surface will lose cohesion and it won’t be as shiny and beautiful as before since there will now be marks present along the surface.

For these two reasons, because there are gonna be loss in weight and because there will be a certain degradation in the appearance of the precious metal item, whether it be jewelry, bullion coins or bars, you need to be very careful not just how you are testing for precious metals with the help of scratch tests, but also how many times something is tested. Excessive testing could cause you to lose a lot of the weight of the item, not to mention that it’s appearance is gonna take a huge hit. Even do each scratch test takes aways only a very small amount of the items weight, given enough tests you’re gonna end up with a substantial lose of the weight, even if it’s 1 gram, you could lose 50-100$ depending on what kind of market price for gold is, if gold is what we’re talking about. Be very careful not to overdue it, and only test when you absolutely have to. Take care of your precious metals.

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Why having a precise weight scale is important when dealing with precious metals

Mass of the precious metals that you are investing in is very important, because with gold, if gold is what you are investing in, is very expensive. I’m sure that this is not something which you haven’t heard before, pretty much all of the precious metals that exist are very expensive, they are so expensive that even the slightest discrepancy in the size of the precious metal that you are investing in will cause you to lose money, so make sure that you have precise weight of the precious metals bullion bars and coins when you are investing.

Majority of professional precious metal investors are gonna be straight up and not try to cheat or scam you in any way. But if you happen to come across some shady dealers, and just because they offer you lower prices for the precious metal that you are interested in investing. In those types of situations you have to be very careful about what kind of weight the coins or the precious metal bars are gonna have.

Best way and pretty much the only way of how you can weigh the precious metals precisely when you’re buying them would be by using a scale, but not just any scale. Best type of scale that you can use would be a digital scale, which can read out the weight of the items without us having to determine where the scale is, which is what we would have done with old “analog” scales. Digital isn’t the only thing that the scale has to be in order to be good.

The second thing that you need to make sure it that your scale has is accurate. Scales which you should be focusing on the most would be the ones that have grams, in other words the ones that can measure as smaller unit of weight as possible. It would be preferable that you find a scale that can measure miligrams, since it can come in handy when you for example need to measure the damage of testing.

Next to the danger of being cheated with lower weight of the precious metal coins or bars that, excessive testing could also cause problems where miligram scale could come in handy. One of the most widespread ways of testing for the authenticity of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and palladium would be scratch testing. As you may have noticed we did say that these are scratch tests, and in order to test precious metals like these they actually have to be scratched.

Precise scale here is very important because it’s gonna allow you to check just how much of precious metal weight has been lose due to scratch testing. Even though to actually lose a gram it would have to be some very rough tests in order of the precious metal that are being tested to be affected by the entire processes. With a precise digital scale you can check to see just what kind of weight the precious metals which you are interested in buying have. Next to quality testing, making sure that the weight of the precious metals that you own and are interested in owning really is what you and the seller have agreed it will be, only then go through with the sale.

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Investing in precious metals: is it better to do it on your own or to use a broker?

Precious metals are one of the best ways of how you can spend your money, any excess money that you happen to come across after selling something or after inheriting money, which is something that’s a far more possible to happen. The main account of precious metals will be used for gold and pretty much everything else that you can see for all the other precious metals will gonna gonna into this mix. Radios are a great way of how you can keep up with news, and being informed about the precious metals which you have invested in very important, unless you are using a broker.

Most people will use a broker, a third party which is gonna do everything for them, and the just need to get paid the excess caused by the change in the price of the precious metals that was invested. One of the main drawbacks to using a third party broker would be that you don’t have to worry about any of the work from actually finding the bullion or jewelry of the precious metal that you’ve decided to invest in, to actually taking care of the investment, dealing with gold, silver, palladium or platinum gold bar and coin. Storing and so on. If you actually decided to take are of the cube somewhere else.

The drawback of using a third party middle men would be that they are gonna take a cut of course. Given that in the world today there’s no such thing as free, there’s hardly anything that you can come across that’s gonna be free, so if you are interested, a certain fee is gonna have to be paid to the middle man. This free will of course not be something overly expensive, but it does exist, and if your not careful, it could eat up a lot of the profit that you make off of the precious metals.

Managing the precious metals investment on your own also isn’t something that’s very easy, but if we are talking about maximizing the profits, then you need to make sure that you invest on your own. Inform yourself about all the ins and outs of investments and then once that the time actually comes to make an investment, the markets are favorable for investment, precious metals are acceptable, then do it, buy low, sell high and make a profit, it’ll be more than when using a broker, if done properly of course.

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A few words about the platinum group of metals

One of the most famous groups of precious metals that you’ve probably heard of at some point of your adventures with precious metals would be the platinum group. The platinum group of metals is mentioned frequently by investors, because it’s definitely one of the most interesting group of metals that you can come across in the periodic table of elements. Some people are not entirely sure just what exactly it is that makes this group special, or even which metals it consists of, here are a few words about the platinum group which should help you get a better understanding of it.

The platinum group of metal consists of 6 different metals all of which are located somewhere in the middle of the periodic table of elements. Metals which are members of the platinum group are rhodium, ruthenium, palladium, osmium, iridium and platinum. Group of named after platinum because it was one of the first metals from this group of very similar looking metals that we’ve come across. At first people didn’t think platinum was very valuable, but with the development of science and subsequently with the development of industry, a lot of places were found where platinum has turned out to be the best choice of metal to be used.

With time all the other metals from the platinum group were found, but of course they were not immediately called that, the platinum group. It took some time for the people to notice that the six metals which we have previously mentioned are very close to each other in the period table of elements, and not only that, they all have pretty much the same physical qualities.

If you look at the periodic table of elements you’ll find that these two metals are all next to each other. They span across two rows, somewhere in the middle of the table, with platinum being the last one. That’s perhaps the reason why the entire group is called after platinum, but it’s far more probable that the reason why the group is called that way is because of the previously mentioned fact that platinum was the first one out of the six that we’ve become familiar. People have notice the similarities between the physical characteristics.

You probably know about the appearance that platinum and palladium have, they are both very similar in appearance, and the same thing is true for every other metals from the platinum group. The metals which can be found in that group are all silvery white to grayish and color. They are also very much so resistant to tarnish, and similar to gold, they are all very scarce. In fact they are even more scarce than gold. Compare to some of the less known metals from the platinum group, like for example the ruthenium and osmium, gold is abundant. With only a couple of tens of tonnes being produced, compare that to over 1500 tonnes of gold which is being produced.

Interestingly enough the price for these precious metals isn’t that high. Majority of them costing less than 1000$ per troy ounce, the precious metals from the platinum group are a great choice for you to make your investment. Even though we have discovered a lot of uses for metals from the platinum group, majority of them are not that much in demand. We use platinum and platinum the most, that’s why they have such high prices. All the others haven’t really found any uses, and for these reasons there’s no high demand, and so there’s is no high buck being divided for the precious metals content, cfor the content of the precious metals.

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Swift Gold Leaf Booklet

Product Features
23k + Patent Gold
XX Deep
Made in USA
Established 1887
M Swift&Sons Inc.

This is a genuine American Made product with superb quality and craftsmanship. Each booklet shall contain 25 leaves of glossy & burnished gold. Guaranteed authentic by the DragonCoin LLC.

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Fashion jewelry markups and investing in precious metals

Title of this article says fashion jewelry, but the same thing is true for every other type of jewelry as well. Buying jewelry and thinking of it as an investment in precious metals is not a good idea at all. The markups that exist on regular jewelry, and not to mention fashion jewelry, are just incredible and if you had invested and bought jewelry of some sorts with the intent of picking up huge amounts of money off of it, you’re in for a surprise, because you will have to wait for one of the more horrific predictions for the precise of gold and other precious metals to come true.

If you had purchased a gold ring, 14K for example, paid for it 400$ and thought of it as an investment in precious metals, you’re in for a long wait before you’ll be able to have a return on that investment. On average rings are only a few grams heavy, specially if its womens ring. And since this is 14K ring, only half of it is actually gold, so let’s say that you are only dealing with 3 grams of gold in total. When you take the current price of gold, you’ve over paid your gold ring for over half of what the spot price of gold was per gram, over 70$ per gram high will the price of gold have to be if you would have expect any kind of return on your investment.

Now you could take into account that the time that the jewelry was worn into the account, as part of the cost equation, and then you might be in a better position, but without that, there’s just not profit from investing in gold content of jewelry, or any precious metal for that matter. You’d only make a profit when the price goes over 3500$ dollars per troy ounce, which will happen who knows when.

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Why you should only invest 10% of your portfolio into precious metals?

One of the most frequently repeated things in the world of investors would definitely be the saying that precious metals are incredibly safe thing to invest in, and that no matter what you do you should always make sure that some of your investments are tied to precious metals. The actual rule goes, and it is a rule according to some, that you should have at least 10% of your money, or your investment portfolio tied to precious metals like gold, silver, palladium and platinum, while the rest should be invested on other commodities that are available out there.

A lot of people are confused with this number, after all, if precious metals really are such a catch and they are a good thing to invest in, why is that when someone wants you to only invest 10% of your money, instead of for example all of it? Well the answer to this question is a bit more complex, and it requires you to know about some basic relations between precious metals, and its relation to the economy, because believe it or not, everything is connected, everything has effect on everything in today’s economy, the same thing is true for precious metals.

We’re gonna be talking about gold but the same thing that we’re gonna be saying about gold is completely the same for pretty much every other precious metals, not that there are that many of them. Gold investments are a very smart thing to do, primarily because of inflation. Many people thing that investing in gold is a good thing because of profits that they are gonna make, and while that is true, as of recently investing in gold has shown to be the most effective ways of how you can preserve the value of your money.

As majority of you on the east coast probably know, investing money in things like the cars, or houses simply does not guarantee any kind of security of your money. Nature can come in every day and take it’s toll. If you had for example taken the same money which you’ve decided to invest in an additional car or in house extension, you would have ended up with owning gold, for example. Now with gold your money would be more secure than if you had become an owner of a car, but there is a such a thing as owning too much gold also, and it could affect the time it takes for you to make a return on your investment.

For example, take note of the fact that the price of gold has halved significantly a few months ago. It has gone down for over 100$ per troy ounce, and if you had tied all of your money with the investment into gold at that higher price, the one that was right before the drop, well then you would either have to leave that investment to sit there and wait for the gold price to recover, or start selling gold at the lower price and actually start selling at a lower price. Same situation is pretty much now.

Currently the price of gold, and pretty much every other precious metal is high. If you used up your entire investment money into a precious metals, and the price of it goes down right after. You can’t count of any kind of quick money off of the investment. And considering in what kind of world we’re living in, making quick money is a must. That’s why it has been suggested that you only invest with 10% of your money, and that if you are going for more, that you prepare for waiting for a return on your investment a bit longer.

Fickle prices that precious metals have, it’s the main reason why you can never rely on precious metals for s quick and stable investment, but then again isn’t the same thing true for everything else? Pretty much every stock bears a certain risk, sure you can minimize that risk, but you can never be entirely sure. Same thing is true with gold and other precious metals, only since it’s such an expensive investment, the markets are warning up to be careful, so be extra careful, and if you know what you’re doing, you don’t have to abide the 10% of the investment portfolio rule.

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Invest in silver, buy Silver American Eagle

If you are looking for a good silver coin to invest in, silver because it’s within your price range, then you should look into the Silver American Eagle, because it’s one of the most attractive silver coins out there. Beauty isn’t the only reason why investing in this precious metal would be a good idea, the other more important fact would be that you are converting cash into bullion, which is gonna be protecting your investment from the influences of inflation and other currencies devaluations which are a sure thing to happen during an economic crisis.

Precious metal investments are always a great thing, and silver is especially interesting because it’s very attractive for people to invest in it. When it comes to dealing with silver you do not have a lot of money, since it’s very cheap. American Eagle Coins made out of silver are .999 pure, and since a lot of us do not have money, due to the devastating economic crisis which has been happening globally, which has left a lot of us out of with lower paying job, or without any kind of job at all. in this situation, when you are not experiencing a large cash flow, then silver is the great choice, it’s practically the only choice that you can make.

Silver American Eagle is a great coin to invest in. Precious metal premium is only a few bucks, and even with it, you can pay around 40 dollars for a 1 troy ounce American Silver Eagle coin. Having an actual precious metal in your hands is a great way of how you can make an investment in precious metals, which is like we already said always a good thing to do if you are planning on making sure that you do not lose the value of your dollars, and also in the process you make a profit, which could very well happen if we are to listen to the precious metal analysts which are predicting a very interesting future for all precious metals, especially those that are very much so in demand. Investing in the Silver American coins is easy, you can do it offline or online, or you can visit OC Cash for Gold for example, to see what we have to offer. Try us and see.

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Quick Car Buying Guide

As second hand dealers, we have dealt with all sorts of used items from jewelries to automobiles. Therefore, we would like to share with our readers some of our experience in the realm of buying used cars following are a few of our notes:

  1. All parts should have the original manufacturer’s logo (bumper, windshield, hood, head light, back light, ect.)
  2. Engine should be reasonably clean – watch out for “acid spills” from head on collisions and oil leaks below the engine
  3. Inspect for any extra welding marks as original factory welding are very precise and aesthetic.
  4. Check the edges of inseam lines to see whether there’s any paint residue from re-painting jobs. All lines should be smooth and matching.
  5. Newer car engines should not shake while on idling gears, nor would it make irregular sounds on higher RPM.
  6. Tires should have even wear and enough tread to last a few years.
  7. Check the interior and underneath for signs of “flooding” or “water damage.”
  8. Stick your finger inside the exaust pipe (if it’s not hot) to see whether there’s any black residue due to burning oil, which can result from engine abuse or not changing oil regularly. Long term effect of this would be lowered gas efficiency and engine life.
  9. The front and back license plate should give clues to whether the vehicle has been in an accident.
  10. Ask the owner for all maintenance records.
  11. Use the VIN code to check with carfax.

When inspecting a vehicle, we would keep these scenarios in mind as these would greatly affect the value of the goods in question:

  1. Frontal collision as that would most likely affect the most important part of the car, the engine.
  2. Rebuilt transmission and/or engine are usually not as good as the original installations.
  3. Undisclosed accidents or recent accidents (less than 1 month old) that has not shown up on the CarFax reports.
  4. Frame damages that require professional inspection to detect. This can affect the alignment and long-term maintenance cost of the vehicle.
  5. “Salvage title” is often reserved for very badly damaged vehicles.
    Potential scams:
  6. The titled owner of the vehicle isn’t available, and the signatures on the car titles don’t match. This may end up be a stolen vehicle in which the buyer would be left with nothing if the police decides to repossess the vehicle in favor of the owner.
  7. Whenever the seller is rushing the buyer to pay with cash (only cash) without proper contracts, it’s time to raise the red flag.
  8. The seller refuses to allow a vehicle inspection by a professional mechanic or body shop. This may mean that the vehicle is a lemon.