Precious Metals Investment Rules of Thumb

1. Checks and money orders are better than cash when it comes to governmental scrutiny 2. $10,000 all cash purchases must be declared as investments using the I.R.S. Form 8300. 3. Transactions over $1500, in California, is not subject to the sales tax. 4. Orders over one (1) kilogram or 32.15 troy ounces are reported […]

How to Spot Fake United States Dollars

Run your index finger through the bill. Feel the raised ink in certain areas such as the “20″ or “100″. Those numbers should never be solid but rather spattered. Another feature is that they should change colors when shifted to different angles. Raise the bill up to see through the “ghost image” of the president. […]

How to Spot Fake Gold

Use a strong magnet over the item. If it attracts the magnet, then it may contain iron or steel. However, the magnet does not detect tungsten which a high density metal that is as heavy as gold. Hold the gold chain or coin in your hand to do a quick assessment of its weight. Real […]