Why is some cheap jewelry more expensive than other

Those who were interested in buying cheap jewelry, like silver for example are sometimes puzzled by the fact that some pieces are cheaper than others, and they are wondering what make one piece of cheap jeweler better than others. There are several factors that are influencing the price of silver but the three which are most important to take note of would be the labor, precious metals cost and the fact if there are any precious metals included with the jewelry.

First thing that’s important to mention would be labor that’s put into this type of jewelry. Like with everything else, it’s very important from which country the jewelry manufacturer which created the said jewelry is from. Here China also is in the advantage, and a lot of cheap jewlery that’s being offered today will come from China.

Second thing that’s very important when it comes to determining the price would be the precious metal cost that jewelry has. On the example of silver, sometimes silver can cost more because it is rhodium plated, to give it more shine. Rhodium is a lot more expensive than silver, very close to gold and platinum and even the tiniest amount of it can increase the overall value of a piece of jewelry.

Last thing that can have a bit effect on the price of cheap jewelry would be the answer to the question if there are or if there are not precious gemstones included in the jewelry, and if there is, it’s important to know which ones exactly are used. Jewelry which is made with more expensive gemstones will cost more, so if you’re on a budget make sure that you take note of what kind of gemstones are used in your cheap and affordable metal jewelry.