Where to Sell Gold?

There are many places where one can convert gold bullion and jewelry into cold hard cash. Below are a few ideas:

  • Pawn shop
  • Jewelry Store
  • Gold Exchange
  • Private gold buyer
  • Collector
  • Friends and Family
  • Banks (some banks do provide gold to fiat exchanges)
  • Cash For Gold Shops
  • Gold Dealers
  • Online cash-for-gold websites
  • Direct Gold Refiner
  • Casinos (some may have a set-up to exchange gold with cash)
  • Precious Metals Recovery Companies

To get the most cash for your gold, it’s best to choose a business that has a public store front. Online cash-for-gold websites are notorious for miscalculating your gold’s worth, as cashing their payout checks mean 100% acceptance. Thus, it’s in your best interest to sell the bullion or jewelry to a buyer that is willing to show you the test result. That dealer should also weight the precious metal in your presence. If there’s any discrepancies, you would have a chance to accept or reject their offer.

Keep in mind that bullion is very easy to convert to cash. You should have no problem getting instant cash when selling your gold or silver bar or coins. Jewelries may be a little more difficult to exchange as they require proper testing. Your necklace, ring, bracelet, pendant, etc. a usually recycled back into pure 24K gold; as such, there would be a refinery cost to be factored into the transaction. If you have a large quantity of this type of gold, it’s best to offload them to a refiner. Most gold buyers are middlemen so they must be given a cut of your payout, to be fair.

DragonCoin is a gold, silver, and platinum dealer / refiner. There is no middleman. Thus, you would be paid the highest when selling your bullion & jewelry to us. We pay the highest, guaranteed!