What kind of future does the price of silver have?

Recently we talked about how silver is a great investment to make if you are interested in owning precious metals without spending a lot of cash that investing in either platinum or gold involves, even if it’s just a little bit, silver is the precious metal for you. Due to the fact that the price of silver is small and that there just isn’t any kind of major interest in this old precious metal, the price hasn’t hasen’t got any kind of major jumps like the price of gold has. Keep in mind that the price of gold has seen rises in thousand dollar amounts, while silver only about 10$, 20$. It’s true that for the price of silver this is a lot, but such small increases has left a lot of people wondering, will the price of silver increase in the future, and how much?

The good news is that pretty much all of the analysts are predicting that the price of silver is gonna be going up in the very near future, and it’s gonna be going up because of the fact that silver at the moment is very undervalued when compared to gold. These two metals have always been together, they’re are one of the oldest precious metals that we humans have discovered, and their value has always been connect to each other. When the price of gold went up, the price of silver followed, but in the recent years price of gold has been going up much faster than what the price of silver has, which is main cause for all kind of predictions and rumors for the price of silver, all of them mainly saying that the price should be going up.

When it comes to the amount of dollars that have been predicted for the increase of the price of silver, there’s a lot of different numbers being said by people who are familiar with these types of things, but the one that’s most interesting would be 300% price increase of silver. As you can see, it’s a quite a lot of increase for the price of silver, if you were to invest in it paying current prices of silver, then you’re gonna be looking into making a quite a lot of profit, since at current prices of silver you would be paying around 35$ per troy ounce, then later on, if the price actually does increase for the predicted 300%, you’d be making 105$ off of every troy ounce of silver that you sell, neat huh?

Of course, the actual numbers are gonna be a bit more different, because we here didn’t take into account premiums, but it should be somewhere very close to these numbers, if you’re lucky the sale price is gonna be even higher, which would mean that you’re making even more money. For this reason, investing in silver is a very good idea, as you can see you stand to make quite a profit. Even if the prices doesn’t go up or it doesn’t go up the amount that we said it’s gonna go up, you’re at least gonna be protecting your wealth from being eaten up by inflation. This alone is enough for you to be making investments in silver, because with inflation, if you keep your cash in the bank or as the proverbial French peasant did, under the mattress, then you’re actually losing some of it each day, even though you’re not spending it on anything.

This is one of the main reasons why you’ll be needing to make sure that at least some of your investment is in something else, it doesn’t have to be precious metals, it could even be real estate, but be very careful with that one, since you’ve seen how things played out during the 2008 housing bubble, which has happened to the markets and caused a lot of people to lose their money once that the value of houses plummeted. Silver isn’t in this type of danger, because as a precious metal which is both valued a lot by a lot of different people it is also relatively scarce, not as much as gold or platinum, but it is to a certain extent, and if you’re gonna be interested in keeping the value of your investment, then it’s time for you to start looking into precious metals, and silver if you cannot spend a lot of money on the investment.