What is marcasite jewelry exactly and is it any good?

If you’re in need of a present for a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion but you’re short on cash, then definitely have a look into marcasite jewelry. It’s a great alternative for all those who’s pockets aren’t that deep, which would be majority of population when you consider the state in which the economy is. Marcasite is a substance very similar to gold, but in marcasite jewelry, marcasite isn’t what’s used. Both pyrite and marcasite are very similar to gold, but because marcasite doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to stability and brittleness, pyrite is used instead. If marcasite were used, there’s an increased chances of jewelry shattering and being destroyed, pyrite isn’t a great alternative, but don’t worry, for the most part this type of jewelry isn’t made entirely out of pyrite, it’s actually silver.

I bet that now you’re confused even more, name of the jewelry is marcasite, but it’s not exactly marcasite that’s used, but rather pyrite which is very similar, but it’s not just pyrite, it’s silver also, so which is it then? Marcasite jewelry is best explained as sterling silver on top of which pyrite is set in various places throughout the piece, depending on the jewelry design or should I say jewelry designer. This mix of pyrite and silver gives a beautiful blend of silver and yellowish color, yellowish being the color of pyrite. As you may have already heard, pyrite is a substance that is extremely similar to gold, in some situation miners have been mistaking pyrite for gold thinking that they’ve struck big and became filthy rich.

Marcasite jewelry is cast entirely out of sterling silver, which is as you know 92.5 pure. After that pyrite is set in the silver, in some cases it’s only glued, but for the most part pyrite is set in the silver, and not only pyrite, but also various gemstones. Since this is lower grade of jewelry, when it comes to gemstones don’t expect to see anything extravagant like diamonds, or some of the other stones from the precious gemstones group. Zircon and semi precious stones are used to keep the price of the overall package as low as possible, since those who are interested in expensive precious stones can probably afford to pay for the difference in price caused by the cost of the setting.

The fact that marcasite jewelry is cheaper doesn’t mean that it is of drastically lower quality than jewelry made from precious metals, obviously it is of somewhat lower quality, but it is not so low that you cannot enjoy in your jewelry for a long time before you start noticing any kind of signs that the jewelry might be degrading. The trick is finding a good place where you can be sure that the quality is good, this is important even when it comes to cheap jewelry like marcasite. By choosing to go with marcasite, you’ve already saved a lot of cash, when compared to other more expensive jewelry, so there’s no need to go and save a extra buck or two by buying from unreliable sources which might sell you jewelry that has questionable quality, even for marcasite. Nowadays beauty of every jewelry piece is extraordinary, marcasite not being an exception, especially when it’s embellished with gemstones and pyrite which gives it that golden yellow hue. Next time when you’re in need of a cheap jewelry present you know what to look for.