Silver US Quarters

Whenever you come across a jar of coins, it’s best to inspect if there’s more money in that jar than its face value. For instance, we’ve came across a Skippy Peanut Butter jar filled with goodies. Most people would bring this a local coin machine to convert to dollar bills. That would be very big mistake, in this case, because this particular jar is full of silver!

The easiest way to tell if a coin is made of silver is to view it from the sides. Most US coins would have the copper coloured ring, hinting away its true contents. If it’s a silver coin, then the silvery colour would be solid throughout the coin’s depth. Another way to tell is checking the year of mintage – all dimes, quarters, and dollars made prior to 1964 compose of 90% quality AG. When in doubt, please bring your coins to OC GOLD(R). Our code of ethic would govern our truthful answer on whether we can identify if a particular item is made of precious metal. Yes, you may trust us with any jar of coin being found in a corner of your house.