Quick tips on how to take of semi-precious stones

Semi-precious stones, as their name suggests, aren’t considered to be as valuable like precious gemstones, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies. This of course doesn’t decrease their beauty, it just means that on average they’re not as scarce and unfortunately it means that they do not have the same physical qualities. For one hardness of semi-precious stones is for the most part lower than those of precious stones, as you may already know, diamonds are the hardest substance know to man, other three aren’t that far behind.

This means that semi-precious stones are more susceptible to situations that we encounter every day. If you are carrying some kind of semi-precious stone, you should know some general tips on what to do and what not to do with it so that it may last longer. Since I mentioned hardness, we’ll start with that, avoid cleaning your semi-precious stones with toothpaste or any kind of substance that’s abrasive. Most toothpaste today have small grains in them, which if the stone is softer and if you’re not very gentle when you’re cleaning could cause scratches, same thing goes for detergents.

Don’t apply creams, lotions or any kind of oils when you’re wearing jewelry with semi-precious stones because they could cause the gemstones to lose their sparkle and luster. Removing jewelry is also a good idea when you’re handling cleaning chemicals, because bleach can cause a lot of damage.

Frequent exposure to high temperatures and intense sunlight can cause the gemstones to lose its color. If you’re in a tropical area, frequently in the pool or sunbathing next to it, make sure that you remove jewelry, because pool contains chlorine, which is the main chemical from which bleach is made, the one which makes it dangerous to jewelry, and of course you’re exposed to a lot of sunlight and heath, it’s a double threat. Last piece of advice would be that you do not, under any circumstance hit, dent or nick your semi-precious stone. Since they are more fragile, it’s quite possible for them to get scratched or even worse. These suggestions are not only for semi-precious stones, they are also a valid advice for diamonds because even though they are though, if you’re not careful enough, they could be damaged, at least a little bit and after that they won’t look the same.