Precious Metals Investment Rules of Thumb

1. Checks and money orders are better than cash when it comes to governmental scrutiny

2. $10,000 all cash purchases must be declared as investments using the I.R.S. Form 8300.

3. Transactions over $1500, in California, is not subject to the sales tax.

4. Orders over one (1) kilogram or 32.15 troy ounces are reported to Uncle Sam.

5. 25+ coins of these types are reported on form IRS 1099B: Krugerrand, Maple Leaf, and Mexican Gold Onza . U.S. Gold Eagle, the Australian Kangaroo, and the Austrian Philharmonic are not. Platinum or palladium bullion coins are treated like gold coins.

6. $1000+ USD face value of 90% silver bags or 1000 ounces silver bar transactions are reported only when you sell. 40% silver content bags are exempt.

7. U.S. platinum Eagle, Russian Ballerina, or the Australian Koala are exempt from reporting.