Platinum and gold price, what’s the connection between the two?

Platinum is certainly one of the most interesting precious metals. Did you know that platinum wasn’t at first thought to be that much valuable at all, because it was very similar to silver but also because there were no industry where platinum could be used at. Today platinum is mainly used by the auto industry in the auto catalysts. With time the popularity of platinum usage and popularity has increased in the jewelry industry, but there isn’t really a lot of platinum that’s going around, at least not as much as there is gold, and that’s something which is confusing people.

Due to their similarity in prices, a lot of people think that the availability of platinum is about the same like that of gold, but in reality the situation isn’t quite the same. There is a significant difference in the production when you look at the numbers for gold and then at those of platinum, but that difference doesn’t tell the tale that gold is more scarcer than platinum, in fact it’s quite the opposite, platinum is considerably more scarcer than gold is, but prices tell us that they are about the same, or sometime even that gold is more scarce, because it’s not that uncommon to find that the prices of gold are higher than that of platinum.

Demand would be the thing that is causing platinum not to have higher prices than that of gold, or even lower in some situations. Despite of the fact that platinum is highly in demand, it is still not as attractive to people like gold is. Part of the reason why that might be the case would be because of the previously mentioned very unique color that gold has, and the appeal which it has. But other might be that platinum still hasn’t been picked up in the jewelry industry of the entire world like it was in the US. People from a lot of countries still only have eyes for gold, and they are not that much interested in platinum. This great news for all the lovers of platinum jewelry, because it means that it is relatively cheap. Who knows what the future will bring for the price of platinum, if it becomes more popular, and if you are an investor, make sure to keep and eye on this interesting situation.