Platinum alternatives for wedding jewelry

Platinum jewelry isn’t something that is very affordable and it’s not easy for people who aren’t lucky enough to have a steady income to actually buy this type of jewelry. Recently we were discussing about how platinum wedding jewelry is becoming very popular among newlyweds and how it’s a great choice to buy it, because it’s very durable and of course exceptionally beautiful jewelry can be created from platinum, but all those who are left scratching their heads after seeing the price tags of platinum jewelry will probably wonder how can they buy platinum when the prices are out of their reach?

Good news is that you can, and even better news would be that there’s actually several different ways of how you can get your hands on platinum jewelry, or something similar to it, for a lot less than what you see in fancy stores. The first advice which could potentially slash the bill of your platinum wedding bands for example would be to travel from jewelry store to jewelry store and look at the prices of platinum jewelry. This piece of advice isn’t something revolutionary and a lot of people already know about seeing everything that the market has to offer before deciding to buy somewhere, but a lot of people also underestimate the power of price mark ups that jewelry has.

Differences in the prices of platinum jewelry from one jeweler who’s well reputed and another one who’s just getting started or who isn’t able to advertise as much as the bigger guy could be vast, up to several tenths of percent, and if you’re not vigilant enough and if you do not check all the options available for you, then you’re gonna end up losing money on something for which you should not be losing money. The only reason why the other guy has bigger price is because a lot of people come to the shop and demand is good, while the little guy is somewhere in the shadows, just starting, with lower prices to attract new customers, without being able to reach out as much as customers as the big jeweler.

Another great way of how you can find cheap platinum wedding jewelry is by visiting stores like OC Cash for Gold. We are receiving a lot of customers who are bringing in all kinds of jewelry, and it’s not that uncommon to expect that someone is gonna bring us actual platinum rings. Great thing about visiting a shop like OC Cash for Gold is the fact that everything that we sell is properly tested and that it’s of course thoroughly cleaned and restored. There are of course a certain amount of risk involved with buying platinum rings this way, because you might not be so luck to come across stores like OC Cash for Gold.

If you’re willing to settle for alternatives and not go with platinum specifically, you’re gonna end up saving even more money, without necessarily sacrificing a lot of quality in the process. What we’re talking about would be platinum jewelry which has lower amounts of platinum metal inside it. Usually platinum is only sold as highly pure, with purity in excess of 90%, but if you try long enough, you can find platinum jewelry which has lower purity, for example just like gold, it’s possible to come across 14K platinum, which will drop your costs considerably, and best thing of all would be the fact that other metals used to decrease the purity aren’t affected by tarnish, they are usually other cheaper metals from the platinum group which are gonna decrease the price, without sacrificing quality.

Best option for people to save even more money would be to simply use plated platinum jewelry, which would be the maximum that you can save when it comes to platinum. Plated rings are just as beautiful, but they cost only a fraction of the cost that jewelry made from actual platinum costs, and if you’re looking to save money to the max, look into plated platinum jewelry that’s where you can save the most.

Palladium would be a complete alternative to platinum, it’s a cheaper metal from the same group of metals where platinum is located the platinum group, only it costs a lot less than what platinum costs, it’s almost half the price that platinum costs, which is a great thing if you’re looking for a way of how to save money, with keeping originality and not risking your money by buying from shady precious metal dealers.

Whatever you choose to buy, make sure that you are familiar with all the advantages and disadvantages of dealing with each one of the types of platinum alternatives that we talked about up until now. The two most important groups of platinum alternatives that you need to learn about the most of would be plated platinum jewelry and of course used platinum, bought from shady dealers, OC Cash for Gold not included of course 🙂 . With plated platinum you need to make sure that you’re careful, because it will not be as resistant to everyday abuse that jewelry goes through. Plating is usually very thing, just a few micrometers thick and you will gonna end up with ruined jewelry if you treat it as if it’s the real thing, robust as actual platinum.

Second thing that we mentioned is when you’re buying from jewelry stores that aren’t very popular and well reputed, you need to make sure that what you’re buying isn’t fake platinum, which is gonna seriously cause you to lose your money. That’s one of the advantages to using actual jewelers, which are well reputed, because then you know what you’re buying, even though it’s gonna cost you more than what you would normally give in another shop, less reputed shop, in a situation that was described before. Saving money is vital in these dire economic times that we’re in, and those who wish to enjoy in the platinum and save money, should look into one of the thing that were suggested here. You’ll save money for sure, start by buying platinum plated jewelry, and then move on up from that as it fails you.