Is there Canadian Maple Leafs made from palladium?

Next to platinum, gold and silver another metal which is gaining more and more popularity would definitely be palladium. It has a lot of similarities with platinum, which is no surprise considering that they are parts of the same precious metal group, the platinum group of metals. The difference between platinum and palladium would first be that palladium is a lot lighter metal, it does not have a very large density, and also, there are differences when it comes to prices, which can be noticed if you check the current spot prices of these metals.

Popularity of palladium wasn’t that big, not until recently. The same scenario happened with platinum. When these two metals were found, people even initially thought that they were worthless, because of the fact that they are very similar to silver, they share the same color, because of this platinum wasn’t really regarded as something special, not until the science was developed enough to discover all the different useful uses that both platinum and palladium have. Russians knew that these metals are valuable, they had mines of them which were working and extracting palladium even when people didn’t think that they are worth a lot. Now these supplies are known as the big Russian palladium secret, because it is. In order for the market to develop the prices of palladium to their liking, the Russians have made the amount of palladium a secret. If they say they have millions of tonnes, then the price isn’t exactly gonna be around 700$ per troy ounce like it has been up until now.

Mints have been picking up on the production of coins made from palladium, and if you are interested to know if there are any Canadian Maple leaf coins made from palladium, you’ll be lucky to find out that there is. They were first started being minted back in the 2005. Those of you who are interested in buying them, can look up these types of coins and invest in them just fine. Royal Canadian Mint has made the usual Palladium maple leaf coin and they are now available for purchase by the various different precious coin sellers from around the world. Canada isn’t the only country which is offering these types of coins. Other countries are offering them as well, well at least countries which have some kind of production of these coins.

Investing in palladium now is very good idea, because the future of this precious metal looks very interesting. It’s more than likely that the price of it is gonna increase several times, making itself equal with that of platinum. Take note of that there’s actually less palladium in the world than there is platinum, so there’s a lot of room for the price of it to go up, even higher than what the platinum price was.