How to deal with jewelery allergies?

Many people who haven’t had luck with allergies and jewelry are probably wondering if there is something that they can do in order to wear jewelery. Those who are unlucky enough to have allergies to jewelery probably know what I’m talking about, depending on what kind of allergies they have exactly it can be anything from skin dehydration and discoloration to rashes and itching popping out. Some might even give up on wearing jewelry without looking into the issue which is a mistake.

There are ways that you can avoid allergies to metals, if you know what’s causing them in the first place. Majority of people are not actually allergic to precious metals themselves, in fact precious metals are considered to by hypoallergenic, they do not cause allergies. There are very few examples, if any, where gold or platinum have caused health problems, pure gold and platinum that is. You see purity of almost all jewelery that is being offered in stores has been decreased by adding in it base metals like copper, zinc, nickel or some other metals, which one is used exactly depending on what kind of jewelery we are dealing with.

What I’m trying to say is that you are not actually allergic to the precious metals, at least I hope that it’s like that. You are allergic to base metals that is used in the alloy with which the jewelery is created. Avoiding these problems is pretty much obvious, try to avoid high content of base metals in jewelery that you are buying. This means that you have to look into more expensive jewelery, i’m sorry to say. I know that the situation in the economy isn’t that great and suggesting that we spend more money on jewelery sin’t something that you wan’t to hear, but that’s how things are.

When it comes to gold, avoid buying gold which is of very low quality, 10K, 12K or even 14K, in a lot of the situations allergies are not responsive if the gold is 18K or 22K and chances are good that if you are use this type of gold of high purity that it won’t be causing you problems. White metal jewelery should be causing you problems, well at least if it’s made up of off platinum or palladium, the platinum group of metals. These types of metals are famous for not causing any kind of allergic reactions, if their purity isn’t decreased too much with base metals. Majority of jewelery that carries the Plat or Pall markings, is safe to wear because according to the regulations anything item that has them has to have a minimum of 90% of those precious metals making them more than safe to wear.

Problems start with white gold, at least older white gold because in the past purity of white gold has been decreased with nickel, which is a metals that is causing the most problems to those with metals allergies. In recent years nickel has started being replaced by other metals, palladium mostly which is a great combo, both metals are hypoallergenic, so if you need white gold and you’re suffering from allergies to it, look for palladium white gold.

You can avoid jewelery allergies, but it will gonna cost you a few extra bucks, that is if you are interested in having actual precious metals in your jewelery. You can avoid high expenses by buying jewelry made from hypoallergenic base metals, because there are such things. Titanium and surgical steel would be two most popular options, surgical steel is even used for piercings so there is no fear of it causing allergies when it comes to external application only, hehe. They are very cheap and not only hypoallergenic, but very resistant to tarnish, just like actual precious metals, which means that not only will your jewelery not be causing you health problems but it will also last a long time, you can say that it’s palladium white gold, because these metals are very similar to it.