How to create your own jewelery

There is a saying which goes something like this, “There’s an artists in everyone”, which tells us that every one of us has our very own style and we are each capable of creating art, even if it’s beautiful to our eyes only. The same thing is true for jewelry, instead of buying jewelry that’s mass produced, each peace the same and impersonal, some people opt-out and create their own jewelry. This jewelry might not be the most beautiful jewelry to you or a lot of other people, that’s not really important, what’s important is that you enjoy wearing it and if luck has it that other people like it as well, then you could sell your jewelry to other people and make some additional cash, or if you’re real good, maybe even make a living by making jewelry. Depending on what kind of jewelry you are interested in creating, costume or “serious” you will need to dish out more money for the supplies and tools.

Costume jewelry is jewelry that’s made from non-precious metals and various other fake crystals, gemstones and what not. anything and everything that you can think of to use, something that makes sense but it has to be of low value, otherwise it isn’t considered costume jewelry. If you use something like real gold, precious gemstones then you are creating genuine jewelry, or should I say “serious” jewelry since I already mentioned that term to describe such an article. If you are someone who is only now starting to create jewelry, then I wouldn’t suggest that you use real gold, gemstone like diamond or something like that in your creation because of several things. For one it’s a lot more difficult to manipulate them, because in order to shape and mold gold you will need a lot of expensive equipment. What’s more, actual things that are necessary for the creation of jewelry, gold, gemstones and so on, will cost a lot, and if you’re inexperienced and not informed on the necessary techniques you might lose a lot of money in wasted gold and diamonds. That’s why the best thing to do is to start small and create costume jewelry first, before moving on to anything else.

Things that are needed for costume jewelry can be bought in any arts and crafts store, it’s best that you shop around in several of them in your area so that you come into contact with different items that can be used in jewelry. People usually focus on various beads, crystals, threads and anything else that you can put on a thread and increase the beauty of a piece. Alongside actual items that are used for decorations, you will also gonna need various additional tools, beading pins, scissors, nail clippers, something to polish up the jewelry after you’re done tinkering with it. Like I said, you can find most of these things if not all of them in an arts and crafts store, but you can also have a look in antique shops, where various trinkets can be found at a cheap price.

When you think you have enough to start creating jewelry, then by all means start doing it. Actually before you start doing anything it’s important that you have a proper workshop, place that has enough room and is well lit. A very simple piece of jewelry that anyone can do is a necklace or a bracelet with the help of threads, beads and crystals, so why not start with that. Take the thread, length of it depends on its use, if it’s gonna be used for a necklace then it has to be longer, obviously. Necklace can be wrapped around several times around the wrist so it can be worn as a bracelet also, maybe you should focus on creating them only:). Here’s where you get creative, use anything and everything that you’ve collected and create string all of these trinkets that you’ve gathered up in any way that you want. Create the look that you like and that you’re comfortable with. The end part of the necklace is a bit tricky, the place where two ends of the thread meet. Here you will gonna need to cover up the knot so that it doesn’t show and ruin the continuity of the necklace. Best thing for concealment of the end points is to use a crimp bead, a bead that has a slit on the side of it, so that the thread doesn’t have to go through it like it is the case with all of the other beads.

After that you’re done, and you can start enjoying in the jewelry piece that you’ve created. Of course you don’t have to stop here and you can create as much as different designs and patters as you like. Sometimes people aren’t that sure on what and how to do exactly after these simple things, so if you find yourself unable to create anything, take a few courses on jewelry art and design at a local community college, find one that has this course if the one close to you doesn’t. The same thing goes if you are interested in handling actual gold or diamonds and creating something a little bit more expensive. Taking a course in metallurgy will definitely help in understanding the ins and outs of handling gold and creating the shapes that you’ve envisioned in your head out of it. By taking the course you are also decreasing the chances of something going wrong while you’re handling the metal and you won’t cause damage to either yourself or your property. If you think that messing around with metals and things like that is a bit too much for you then you should stick to creating costume jewelry, it’s a great hobby to have, if you can spare the time and what little money it takes for the supplies. Once you do create something, start showing it to your friends and people you know and see how they react, if they like it you can try and sell it to some of them, and then someone else and so on and until you know it you”ll be making a nice income by making jewelry, and even if you don’t it’s not that big of a loss, as long as you have fun.