How to clean diamonds properly?

Even though diamonds are considered to be very durable and resistant to pretty much everything, they still have to be taken care of, otherwise they will lose a lot of their value and allure. Those who are thinking that diamonds cannot be affected by things that we normally come into contact with on a daily basis should note that chlorine which is very widespread, is very harmful to diamonds, and not just them, to pretty much all the jewelry, so make sure not to try and clean diamonds with chlorine.

Apart from chlorine there is very little other things that could potentially cause you problems when it comes to cleaning diamonds. Like most of you probably know, diamonds are the hardest material known to us, not the strongest, but the hardest, reaching the maximum 10 points on the Mohs scale of hardness. There’s a difference between strength and hardness, and if you thought that you could hit a diamond with a hammer leaving it unscathed, think again.

But enough about diamonds and hammers, hopefully you won’t be cleaning them this way, what you need to clean diamonds is just a detergent bath, which you can create at home. Use warm water because that will help dissolve any dirt that you might have accumulated on the diamond more easily. Another thing that you should use is a very soft brush, a toothbrush for example which you can use in order to clean around the diamond settings, which is a popular place where dirt has been known to accumulate.

With both detergents and brushes you need to be careful not to go overboard when it comes to their abrasiveness. People have been known to use very harsh cleaner while cleaning diamonds, and even though the diamonds might not be affected on the count of the fact that they are very resistant, diamond setting can get scratched which might ruin the overall appeal of the diamond jewelry that’s being cleaned. Use the advice given here and your diamonds should last you a long time, simple cleaning is all it takes.