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How to Ascertain that a 50-Gram Credit Suisse Gold Bar is Genuine?

  • Visually inspect the Credit Suisse gold bar to spot any imperfection in coloration and lettering.
  • Weight the bar to ensure that it is 50 grams, exactly. A fake bar that we have encountered has weighted 32.4
  • Measure the length, width, and thickness. The numbers should be 47mm, 27mm, and 1.9mm respectively. If it’s a Valcambi bar, then the measurements should be 74mm, 52mm, 0.8mm.
  • The imprint should mark Essayeur Fondeur “CHI,” not “CHE” or “CEI.”
  • There should not be any wording to the effect of “COPY.”
  • The back of the Credit Suisse Gold bar is always stamped with the name “CREDIT SUISSE,” repeatedly.
  • It should not be magnetic.
  • Most acids will not be able to discolor 24K gold. Only a strong solution of Aqua Regia can dull its color slightly.
  • When dropped onto a solid surface, this gold bar should make a high pitch noise, not thumbing noise. Plus, it will chyme for at least a few milliseconds.
  • When in doubt, one may choose to drill into the bar to ensure that it’s not Tungsten inside. We have not yet encountered a 50 gram gold bar that has been “filled” with other metals.
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