How green is green gold?

Gold that comes in various different colors is something that interests a lot of people, which is no surprise considering that how beautiful it can be, and also what it stands for. Gold that comes in various different colors is a symbol of our individuality and that is something that some of us would like to be proud of. If some of you are interested in having your gold in green color, you’re probably wondering if something like this possible and how green gold would really look like, well the answer might not satisfy you completely, because truth be told, green gold is not the thing that you are picturing in your head right now.

The only and therefore the most popular way of creating green gold is with the help of silver. In nature this combination is known as electrum, which is a natural mix of gold and silver with trace amounts of other metals, we are talking about gold found in nature, which is never pure all the way. 18K green gold would be an alloy made up from 75% gold and 25% silver, but when it comes to green color it might not be as noticeable as you are hoping. Best that you can get is to have a greenish hue, not a very vivid green color.

There are ways of achieving somewhat more greener effect of gold, and that is through the use of cadmium, but it’s important to point out that cadmium is toxic, but it’s only toxic if you ingest it, so don’t lick you green gold that contains cadmium. How green of a effect it will be depends on how much cadmium is used, but with just 6& of cadmium added to the mix you get a decent green effect, definitely better than when just using the silver and gold. In any case if you are interested in green gold, there are ways of getting it, just don’t get your hopes high, because it might not not be what you expect it to be. Look into cadmium poisoning if you decide to go with that solution, just so that you are informed and on the safe side.