Have you noticed your 10K, 12K or 14K gold losing its shine?

When it comes to gold there exists a danger of it developing tarnish without the owner even noticing which is something that can seriously harm the appearance of your gold jewelery. Most people are brought up with the idea that gold is perfect, so to say, that there is very little to no possibility for it to begin developing tarnish, or to degrade in any way, since gold is resistant to tarnish. This is true for gold which is pure but the thing is that not all gold that is being sold today is pure, in fact none is. If you’re not familiar with this then you’re in for a surprise.

I hope that you are not so much out of the loop, and that you know that there exists gold of various purities, those between 10K and 14K being the most popular ones. As the purity of gold decreases chances for it to start developing tarnish and other signs of exposure to our atmosphere increase. The problem is not gold, if it were gold alone then jewelery would be impervious to everything except aqua regia, the problem is all the other metals that can be found in gold. Yellow gold which is 10K, 12K or even 14K contains around 41%, 50% and 58% of gold respectively, while the rest is some kind of base metals, in most of the cases copper.

Considering that in 10K gold more than half of the alloy is made up from other metals, in most cases base metals, that particular gold can seriously be affected by environmental influences and if you own these purities of gold you need to have a good hard look at your jewelery and see if you start noticing that the gold color has changed, if it became duller in any way. If your jewelery is new, let’s say up to 5 years old, you shouldn’t worry about this, because it takes longer for the symptoms to start to come out enough to for them to be noticeable at all.

If you suspect that your silver jewelery has in fact become duller, or if you are unsure but would like to know if there is a cure, wonder no more, because there is an easy way of getting rid of tarnish. Great news is that it doesn’t involve the use of any kind of dangerous chemicals which makes like a lot easier for you. All that you’re gonna need will be liquid dish soap, bowl of lukewarm water, toothbrush and a soft polishing cloth. Pour some soap in the bowl, it doesn’t have to be too much and then place your gold there and leave it simmer for a few minutes. After that take the jewelery out and brush it throughly with your toothbrush, be careful around gemstones settings, if your jewelery has any. After you’re done with that, rinse the jewelery with water and polish it up with the cloth. Make sure that the cloth is a lint free cloth, otherwise you’re gonna see bits of fabric all over your jewelery.

After you’ve cleaned it and there is no visible improvement to the way it was before, there probably wasn’t any tarnish to begin with, but if there was a reason to clean the jewelery, well then I’m sue that you’ll notice the difference. In some cases, if the jewelery is very old, it might be possible that it has developed a more serious layer of tarnish in which case it would be wise to use a professional jewelery cleaning solutions, so that you’re not dealing with dangerous chemicals, and it’s easier. You can also take your jewelery to a jewelery store, and have it cleaned there. Visit out stores, we are more than ready to offer you any kind of assistance and we’re sure that you’ll be satisfied with the results.