Handmade and mass produced jewelry, the difference is?

A lot of people have been wondering just what kind of differences there is between hand made jewelry and whatever the alternative to it would be, is it really machine made jewelry, there’s no human contact at all? Well the answer to this question will surprise a lot of people, but it’s actually true, in the production of jewelry that you can find in majority of jewelry stores, there’s actually very little human contact with the actual precious metals, everything is done with machines.

Mass produced jewelry some might say doesn’t have a soul, but in order to achieve the kind of precision that you see in various different kinds of gold chain designs, you need to involve chains. If it were done manually, it would be practically impossible to do it, especially on smaller chain links which are very popular with the ladies.

Machines are used for pretty much everything when it comes to mass produced jewelry. First a piece of the gold alloy made by mixing gold and various other base metals. It’s necessary to do this in order to give the chain increased hardness and durability. For these reasons base metals or in case more expensive jewelry other more harder precious metals. In either case, a gold alloy is made and once that it’s cooked up, the created piece has go through various different processes where it’s pressed down and thinned completely to a very long rod, small in diameter.

This rod is then fed to machines which are actually doing the jewelry creations. Depending on the complexity of the design, either 2 robots are needed, or just one. If it’s a simple chain style where you only have round links, 2 feeder hands are used. Once of them twirls one rod to form a circle, while the other one lead a second rod to the first one and also turns it in order to make a circle. The other robotic arms again leads in its own rod through the circle, and adds a new link. This is done until the desired lengths are reached and then everything starts from scratch.

Handmade jewelry is unique, that’s for sure, but how good it is really depends on the person’s taste, remember that old saying that the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder? Well the same is true for jewelry. Most of the handmade jewelry out there is costume jewelry, it’s not precious metals. Creating something more complex would cause a lot of problems to the people, problems because they wouldn’t know what they are doing, and also because not everyone would be able to buy the kind of equipment is needed for the actual processing of precious metals.

Homemade jewelry with precious metals would have to do the same thing that machine do by hand, and there’s a good chance that there will be discrepancies in the size of the created jewelry, on our example, on the crated chain links. Now no one can say precisely how much and if this as happened, but if it’s bad enough, other might notice that you’re necklace or bracelet links aren’t very consistent when it comes to shape and size. For this reason if you are not very careful, make sure that you are when buying homemade jewelry, who knows what it might be.