General Information About Silver

How is silver the bane of vampires? There’s a long history of this element throughout human history. It has been with us even before someone has discovered the periodic table. Here are some interesting things about silver that we need to know.

Silver atomic number is 47 and its symbol is ‘AG.’ Its color is, you’ve guessed it, silver. It has many industrial uses due to its ductile, malleable, thermal, electrical conductivity (highest rated of all metals). It also acts as an catalyst agent in your car’s exaust pipe along with its wealthy relatives, the royal gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium family. The two biggest producers of silver are Peru and Mexico. China, USA, Australia, England, Germany, and Chile are the moderate miners of this element.

You can be a magician by making silver disappear. It would only require nitric acid. The result would be silver nitrate. There are such things as silver cloride, silver oxide, silver fulminate, and a few other weird compounds. What we need to remember is that silver is very attracted to positively charged ions. It’s like a man chasing after single ladies.

Overall, silver is a relatively stable element in its pure form. Thus, it has been used to create silverware, jewelry, and coins. In the United States, the most common type of silver name is ‘sterling’ or ’925.’ That is referring to the purity. It has been used as money throughout the ages. Perhaps, humans have figured that exchanging rocks or paper for goods as absurd since the middle ages. That has been the reason for the United States currency to be based on precious metals at the beginning. For those of you who would like to revert the dollar currency back to gold and silver, it’s time to buy in before the paper become devalued further. Please invest responsibly as the spot prices of this metal fluctuates on a daily basis. The best place to check for its value is

Back to the Vampires, they are humans transformed by a mystical virus. Since silver has an antimicrobial property, it’s suspected that this has caused vampires to despise silver very much. If you have even played with silver nitrate, you would quickly discover that it would attack organic matters (that includes you). Even if you’re not yet a vampire, you would want to stay away from any silver powder ingestion.