Difference in quality between white gold and platinum?

White gold is a great alternative for people who do not have a lot of money but would like to have the look and feel of platinum. Platinum is more expensive than white gold, but when it comes to jewelery made from these two, who’s jewelery is more durable and has better quality? I’m not asking about beauty, since beauty lies in the eyes of the viewer:).

Answer 1
Both white gold and platinum look the same from appearance due to their silver shining color. However, when it comes to pricing, you might notice that a platinum ring with diamonds will actually cost 300% to 600% more than a 14K white gold ring with diamonds.

There are several reasons why platinum is more expensive then white gold. One of them is the color, however, since you do not want to compare them from the appearance perspective, we will move on to another factor.

Platinum is heavier than white gold, therefore, you will not get cheap feeling when you are wearing it. It is also harder than white gold which makes it more durable. However, since it is harder, less ductile and malleable than gold, the cost that is needed to craft platinum metal will be also affected and raised the total of the jewelry.

In jewelry making, platinum jewelry is normally made of 95% of platinum. While for white gold jewelry is normally made of two types of combinations, the first one is a combination of 75% of natural gold with 25% of platinum or palladium and the second one is a combination can be 75% of natural gold with 10% of palladium, 10% of nickel and 5% of zinc. The difference in composition is also one of the factors why platinum jewelry is more expensive.

Platinum jewelry does not need regular maintenance as much as white gold jewelry needs so it can be a real great choice for wedding rings or jewelries that have to be worn all the time. As for white gold jewelry, it may need some rhodium polishing to maintain its luster and to fill up the gold lost due to scratches. Platinum jewelry normally does not lose any metal because of scratches and it does not need polishing to restore its color. White gold can be easily scratched while platinum don’t. White gold tends to change its color due to heating while platinum don’t.