Buying antique gold

Buying and reselling antique gold is a good way of how you can make some extra income in these dreary economic times that we’re in. To do this type of activity, there’s just two things that you need to know, the first one would be that you have to know a little bit about gold and a little bit about antiques and the second one would be that you need to know about where exactly are the different places where you can buy antique gold.

A common mistake that novice dealers of antique gold make is to assume that anything that’s yellow is gold and is therefore valuable, but that is definitely not the case, you know the saying, all that glitters is not gold. Brass is one of the most frequently mixed up alloys, mixed up with gold that is. Mixture used in brass is pretty basic one, you have the copper and zinc mixed in varying amounts, which gives the piece various different color effects. One of those effects would be that items made from brass are very similar to gold, with a yellow color to them.

Don’t mistake brass and gold, and any other alloy which is similar to gold, because it could potentially cost you a lot of money if you do. Antique gold can be found on flea markets, garage sales, and any other similar gathering where old things are sold. Best of luck in the hunt.