Are you taking too much care for your jewelry?

A lot of people love jewelry and a lot of people wears jewelry, but how many of those who own and wear jewelry take proper care of it? Well the answer to this questions is very surprising, but very little people take all the necessary steps towards protecting their rings, earrings, necklaces and any other pieces of precious metals jewelry that they might have. Reasons for not taking proper care range from just not acknowledging that jewelry needs special treatment, and on the opposite end of the spectrum there are those who are taking too much care for their jewelry.

Yes that’s right, there is even such a thing as taking too much care for jewelry, and today we’re gonna discuss what some of those would be. You might be an overzealous cleaner and with cleaning causing damage without even knowing. First thing that should tell you that you are probably overdoing it when cleaning jewelry is if jewelry that’s in your possession spends a lot of time in ultrasonic cleaners, or even if you have an ultrasonic cleaner.

We talked before about cleaning jewelry with ultrasonic cleaners, and even though we did say that cleaning jewelry this way is very effective, we also pointed out all the dangers of cleaning with sound waves. Gemstones are effected the most by ultrasonic cleaners, and if you are not careful enough your gemstone jewelry might end up in pieces. Sound waves will enter in ever pour of the jewelry that’s being cleaned. When it comes to dirt this is great, but when it comes to gemstones for example, jewelry with gemstones, then it’s a whole nother story and could end up damaging your jewelry.

The thing that causes problems when it comes to ultrasonic cleaning would be the fact that gemstones can sometimes also have scratches and knacks on them in which the destructive sound waves can enter and cause all kinds of ruckus. If you’re lucky the only effect that ultrasonic cleaning will have on your gemstone is none, or at least the scratches are only a little bit widened, not enough to be noticed though. If you’re unlucky then the effects will be much more serious and you will end up with a broken gemstones on whatever jewelry piece it is that you were cleaning.

Another popular thing when it comes to too much cleaning would be to jewelry cleaning with cleaning solutions and tools which are too abrasive, for example a rough brush or toothpaste which has that small particles inside. These are the things which can cause jewelry to develop scratches if you apply too much force and if you clean it more often than what you should be cleaning it.

No cleaning jewelry at all is another mistake, which doesn’t necessarily starts showing the negative consequences right away. That’s right, depending on what kind of jewelry it is that you have exactly, at first you’re not gonna see any kind of changes on your jewelry, not until some times passes. How much time needs to pass before you start seeing adverse effects on your jewelry depends on the quality. For example if you have sterling silver, you should start seeing tarnish developing very soon, especially if you expose your jewelry to high temperatures and humidity without cleaning it regularly.

What then would be necessary for cleaning jewelry, well the best tool for any jewelry owner would be a soft cleaning cloth, lint free, and also lukewarm water with a drop of mild cleaning detergent. This is the best combination for jewelry cleaning. Next to these, it’s also very important that you clean jewelry regularly. Doing that will prevent serious layers of tarnish from forming and will make cleaning easier, you’ll only need the the soft cloth, without anything more drastic which could harm your jewelry. Bottom line would be that cleaning should be only done with easy, non-invasive methods, and if you do that it will not be harmed and it will last you long time without failing you.