Alternative ways of storing you precious items at home

Recently we were talking about storing precious metals at home, and how using a home safe for something like that is the best course of action. Next to using a home safe, I also mentioned the option of storing precious metals in a bank, by renting a deposit box. Of course that safe despot box isn’t completely secure, there are a few risks there as well, but it’s a heck of a lot more safer than what majority of homes has to offer. Chances for valuable items which you have stored in a bank deposit box to be stolen the way you see it in Hollywood movies are pretty slim, but a bank employee without morals could easily take possessions that you have stored in the vault. Fire and water can also cause a lot of grief, water especially since most safe deposit boxes are located in lower levels which are first to be affected by a flood. The FDIC or Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation guarantees for up to 100,000$ of the value that you have stored in the bank, but the bad thing is that this doesn’t apply to safe deposit boxes, they are not insured by the FDIC.

Some might not be that inclined to bank deposit boxes after hearing about this policy from the FDIC, where they do not insure safe deposit boxes with their bank insurance. If you are one of those people then storing valuable items at home is the thing for you. We’ve already covered how you can do that, store valuable items at home with the use of a home safe. Unfortunately some people might not have enough money for a proper safe, with all the necessary characteristics that we talked about before. Such safes cost several thousands of dollars, and if you cannot or do not want to spend that kind of money on a safe, there are alternative ways of storing precious items on your property. This is where we need to get creative, that’s why I said on your property not your home, because we won’t be looking for good places to hide valuable items in your house alone, we are going to explore every inch of your property, your backyard, garden, sheds or anything else that you have around your home.

First of all, you shouldn’t give up on a safe altogether, because if you’re not able or aren’t willing to spend a lot of money on a proper safe, there are cheaper ones, which are smaller in size but of course aren’t as secure like the bigger ones. Prices of such a smaller safe are several hundred dollars, 10 times cheaper then the bigger ones, which I urge you to reconsider buying. If you still are willing to go ahead with saving money on your security then find a cheaper safe, you can find smaller ones that will set you back only 50$, and after you’ve place the prized possessions in it find a good place in your house where to hide it. These smaller safes aren’t that heavy to carry around and you can make them even safer by finding a secluded and a very unsuspecting place where to store the safe. I’m talking about places like your floor, spaces between walls and similar places like that. Majority of older houses have wooden floors, sometimes they are buried beneath rugs and carpeting, but they are there. With a crowbar remove one of the floor boards or even more, so that you can place the safe inside the floor After it’s there, return the board back and put a rug on top of it, if you don’t have one already, and also some kind of piece of furniture, preferably a heavier one so that the burglars have problems moving it if they figure out what’s underneath it. Same thing goes for spaces between walls, most houses have them, and some even have false walls which are great locations for hiding your safe.

If there are no good places to hide the safe somewhere in your house, the only thing that’s left is to look for one somewhere outside of your house. Doing this can be a lot more dangerous, especially if you do not hide your safe properly and it can be easily found by someone else. Important thing with both hiding the safe outside and inside in the house is not to be seen by your neighbors or passer bys. This should be obvious, but many people make the mistake of doing this at a time when there’s a lot of people around and they increase the chances for someone finding out where you have hidden your safe. This is similar to the warning that I gave about sharing with people that you don’t know all that well, like coworkers, that you have a safe at home, which is another thing which you shouldn’t be doing. When you’re finding a safe place, someone might be spying on you, so it’s best that you do it during the cloak of the night, and make sure that no one’s looking. Digging up a hole in the garden and placing your precious items in it is something that’s done, although here you have to be careful to seal off your possession from moisture that’s present in the ground, especially if it’s raining a lot in your area or if you’re watering the garden. It would be best if you had a shed in your backyard, for storing tools or something like that, where you could be hidden while your digging a whole in the ground for the safe, if you don’t have concrete floors. This isn’t just good because of added privacy that you get, but soil inside the shed isn’t likely to contain a lot of water, but do use waterproof safe and for added precaution place the items in vacuum bags. These are just some suggestions, and you can basically store your precious items in any place that’s hidden from the rest of the world and isn’t exposed to any kind of harmful external influences, to prevent metal tarnishing or paper degradation, if you’re storing valuable documents in your safe.