Advantages of investing in Krugerrands

Krugerrands are one of the most famous coins which are being minted. The reason why they are so famous is because of the fact that there’s a lot of different sizes of it, and types, but also because they have a very low precious metal premiums. This should more than interesting to investors who are interested in investing in gold coins, but they just cannot do it at such large sizes like for example the 1 ounce gold coins, same things goes for platinum, which is another precious metal in which Krugerrands are made of.

Size of these coins goes all the way down to a quarter ounce, so in theory these coins could cost you only a fraction of the price which is normally paid for a full ounce coin. It’s true that you are still getting the same amount of the precious metal, you’re not making any kind of extra profit or anything like that, but if you do not have the kin dof money that’s needed to pay for the coins, then you should be looking into smaller size coins, because they are gonna be cheaper.

Sure a much better option would be to just invest in silver, if you cannot afford to invest in gold or platinum, but some are just interested more to invest in these more valuable gold and platinum, both of which can be found if you decide to invest in Krugerrand coins. Premiums which have to be paid on these type of precious metal are also considerably cheaper, so so make sure to give them a try and invest in whatever size and precious metal type you’re interested in the most. There’s also silver Krugerrands, if you’re interested in that more, so make sure to give every option a try.