14K Mexican 50 Pesos Copy Gold Coin

There’s been stipulation about this type of copy coin being in circulation. OC GOLD® has been offered a sample today, and we have refused to accept it due to ethical consideration (plus avoiding a possibility of being ‘ripped off’). We regret not taking a photo of this sample do share with the public. Following are some descriptions about this item:

It weights approximately 31 grams, whereas the real Mexican 50 pesos weights 41.6662 grams
The dimensions are exactly identical to the authentic coin (Diameter: 37.08 mm Thickness: 2.69 mm)
Its color is slightly lighter than the real Mexican gold coin.
There is a small imprint on the bottom of the Winged Victory statue as (C), meaning “copy.”
To accurately test for the 14 carat claim, such sample would have to be destroyed. Since the client has refused to allow such test, we would not have additional information about this reproduction coin’s characteristics at this time.

Be safe out there. Do not buy coins without proper consultation with an experienced coin dealer or jeweler.